Christmas is a time of non stop scoffing.

A second trip to the buffet, polishing off that bottle of champagne, stealing your hubby’s mince pie when he’s not looking..! Yep…I’m guilty of all of those, and tucking into chocolate round the Christmas clock too!

Pop, there goes the button on my skinny jeans!

Talk about indulgence!

…So much so, studies show that the average British person eats a whopping 7000 calories on Christmas Day! Yikes! And that’s not even taking into account what we tuck into throughout the rest of the festive period!

By the time New Year comes around, I’m sick of stodge and have one thing on my mind. It’s Detox time baby.

For January 2016, I’m combining a vegan diet with a twice daily cup of DTOX’T – a wonderfully flavoursome tea that purifies and detoxes your system.

The best thing about DTOX’T is that it really does works, with customers losing up to 14lb in one month!

Other benefits include:

  • Increase in your metabolism helping you lose weight fast.
  • Slowing down the ageing process by protecting the cells from toxins.
  • Improving your hair and skin by combating free radicals and nourishing the body.
  • Increasing your wellbeing by helping the body adapt to daily stress.
  • Increasing your natural energy due to your body functioning in harmony.

Is it just me or can the ‘detox market’ can be a complete minefield?! There are so many options, it’s difficult to know which one is right for you. That’s why DTOX’T is so brilliant. It compliments your existing healthy lifestyle, unlike juicing detoxes which means substituting meals.

And unlike other teas, DTOX’T has been specially formulated using complex herbs to balance the body.

The brainchild of 33 year old former care worker and entrepreneur Dionne James, who set about managing her own weight loss but was tired of encountering teas that didn’t quite live up to their pound shedding promise or offer the taste and flavour she was looking for, Dionne set about creating her own great tasting weight loss aid.

Garnering the assistance of health and nutritionist experts from around the world, the Harrow based business woman embarked on over two years of research and product development to perfect the unique blend of ingredients that offer the maximum benefits and taste she knew that women like her, were looking for.

The years invested in product development were time and money well spent, and when Dionne lost a stone over the course of 4 weeks – she knew her tea was ready to launch.

And here it is!

detox tea

The tea comes in 5 invigoratingly delicious flavours: Peppermint; Strawberry and Mango: Pineapple and Coconut; Mixed Berry Infusion and Original Triple Blend.

Each box is priced £21.99 and contains a 14 day supply (28 bags).

To win a 2 months supply (4 boxes) of DTOX’T worth £87.96 simply enter via The Rafflecopter below.

Ends Feb 14th 2016.

UK only!

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73 Responses

  1. tracy sinclair

    I’m not doing too well on my diet, I could do with a detox to help start it properly x

  2. Allan Smith

    I would love to win because I’m on a health kick, now that Christmas is out of the way. This would be great.

  3. Samantha loughlin

    I’ve put on over three stone so desparate to loose weight and detox

  4. Barbara Handley

    I feel I need to detox. I have read this might help lessen my Fibromyalgia and M.E.symptoms.

  5. Jo Carroll

    I love my tea at the best of times so to find one that does you so good is a real bonus…not that I need an exc
    use for a cuppa 😉

  6. Sam McKean

    I am trying to be healthier this year so that I can enjoy playing with my kids more!

  7. Layla Thomas

    I would love to try a detox tea especially after the over indulging at Christmas. There are so many on the market though and it can be quite pricey so I would like to try one that is recommended.

  8. Lisa Wilkinson

    I’ve heard really good things about these and would love to give them a go.

  9. Louise Smith

    I want to tone up and be more healthy this year, this would be perfect to help me

  10. Val Swift

    It would be great to have a detox and help the body out a bit after all the indulging over Christmas and kick start the diet

  11. stephen holman

    im in serious need of Detox after a very naughty christmas and new year!!

  12. Jackie ONeill

    I have put on a stone in the last few months and desperately need to lose so winning this would be the kick start I need!

  13. Kristy Brown

    I would love to do a detox after all the rubbish I plied my body with over Xmas

  14. Lisa J

    Far too much Christmas rubbish consumed and a 7lb weight gain to show for it. My body needs some TLC

  15. Suzanne

    I think this would be a great boost and good way to start a healthier regime, which I would appreciate and benefit from..

  16. Fiona K

    I want to win because I love hot drinks and definitely need to detox after the festive season

  17. Courtney kemal

    I would love to win as feel so bloated and bunged up since Christmas grazing and feel so low and depressed 🙁

    xoxo ~~~***~~~ <3 <3 <3 ~~~***~~~ Sooooo fab!!! Thanks so much for a chance to win at your amazingly generous giveaway !! fingers crossed so tightly ~~~***~~~ <3 <3 <3 ~~~***~~~ xoxo


  18. Suzanne Sendell

    Like everyone else,after Christmas I need to eat and drink natural products to cleanse

  19. Helen Moulden

    After Christmas, my skin is terrible. I think this might give it a boost (fingers crossed anyway).

  20. Katie skeoch

    After all the Christmas indulgence I could really be doing with a detox!

  21. Becca Staples

    I’ve not tried something like this before, and would quite like to x

  22. Iris W

    I love herbal & green teas and this would be perfect after the indulgence over christmas

  23. Lauren Reed

    I would love to try this! I’m very into my green teas and herbal tea and would love to see if this works.

  24. Diane Wareing

    I have never been so serious about getting healthy so this would be a great boost to start me off.


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