Honest Mum parenting expert and author of MUMBOSS

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I enjoy appearing on national and international TV and radio sharing my expertise on parenting, flexible working, entrepreneurship and the arts.

I’m a regular contributor to ITV’s Good Morning Britain and BBC 5 Live where I also guest-edited a show.

Selected Press:

November 2023: Featured in the Creative Collective director’s roster at Planet Shine.

November 2023: Guest-edited and appeared on Nihal Arthanayake’s BBC 5 Live show on what it means to be 40.

October 2023: Commentary as Bored Panda’s Parenting Expert on what to do when children exclude others at school.

October 2023: Appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain debating whether parents should set up Instagram accounts dedicated to their children.

Sept 2023: A featured recommended expert on LIVVY B’s website.

July 2023: Expert commentary in Bored Panda’s piece on a child being told never to wake her Dad up at night under any circumstance.

July 2023: Expert opinion in Bored Panda’s pieces on Moms’ Spilling Secrets They Would Be Judged For.

June 29: Appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain debating whether children should miss school whilst suffering from a cold.

May 15 2023: Appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain debating whether parents should be fined for unauthorised leave.

May 2023- No 1 in US website builder, Friday’s Best Mom Blog Overall and No 1 in The 10 Best Mom Influencers on Instagram.

April 2023: Commentary for Bored Panda’s piece on 50 funny tweets from parents who survived April thanks to their sense of humour.

April 2023- Discussed children’s chores on BBC 5 Live radio.

March 2023: Expert commentary in Bored Panda’s piece on baby names (Bored Panda receive 124 million views pcm)

March 2023: Expert commentary in Bored Panda’s piece on strict parenting.

March 2023: No 1 in Vuelio’s Mummy Blogs UK Top 10 List.

March 2023: Featured as a Role Model in the Arts and Entertainment Sector on Femail Lead’s site.

Feb 2023: Interviewed on the Bizzimumzi’s podcast about juggling of 3 kids with a creative career.

Jan 2022: Quoted in The Sun in political piece on how the government plan to encourage mothers back into the workplace.

May 2022: No 1 in 11 Best Mom Blogs That Will Inspire You in 2022 on Dr Joanette’s site.

April 2022: Contributed to Bored Panda’s article on relatable parenting tweets.

April 2022 Featured in The Female Lead’s list of role models in business.

March 2022 EYMA: Winner of Excellence in Media award.

March 2022: ITV’s Good Morning Britain. Debate on whether children should get involved in politics.

March 2022: Vuelio. No 1 in the Mummy Blogs UK Top 10 List.

March 2022: The Sun. Wrote about the importance of homework in moderation.

February 2022: Bored Panda. I contributed to this post on mothers who regret giving birth.

February 2022: Good Risings podcast for Cavalry Media. I wrote and presented a week long series of episodes for the presigious podcast.

Cavalry Media is a Los Angeles-based media company founded by Dana Brunetti and Keegan Rosenberger. Cavalry’s core focus is the development and production of premium feature films and scripted television series for global audiences. The principals’ past projects, which include House of Cards, the Fifty Shades trilogy, Captain PhillipsThe Social Network and 21, have generated $2 billion in global box office receipts and have earned multiple Oscar®, Emmy® and Golden Globe nominations and wins).

My Apple Podcasts episodes are below:

November 2021: Quoted in book Advice for Working Dads (Harvard Business Review).

November 2021: Appeared on Ch 5’s Jeremy Vine show to discusss babies being banned from the House of Commons.

November 2021: BBC Radio 5 Live. Contributed to a piece on the increase of Covid in children.

October 2021: Interview in Visit Windsor Digital Magazine.

September 2021: BBC Radio 5 Live. Oliver, 11, and I were interviewed on the vaccination programme for children.

September 2021: BBC News Channel  (TV and online) discussing the roll-out of vaccinations for 12-15 year olds with my son, Oliver. Sound bite used on BBC Radio 4.

September 2021: Interviewed in piece, Rise of the Parentpreneur: Balancing Business, Family and the Pandemic on Daddilife.

September 2021- No 1 in the Famous Parenting’s Top 25 Parenting Blogs list.

August 2021-Responded to the article Entitled Mom Demands A Fellow Flyer Entertains Her Kid on Bored Panda.

August 2021- Provided expert opinion on raising pre-teens and teenagers in the article, 35 Of The Funniest Tweets From Teenager Parents on Bored Panda.

August 2021- Featured in a piece about entrepreneurial mothers on HireMyMa blog.

July 2021-Interviewed about my pregnancy on Bored Panda.

July 2021-Contributed to this piece on Bored Panda on what I refer to as, ‘Back seat parenting‘.

July 2021-Interviewed for Bored Panda’s piece on discipline.

April 2021-  First Site Guide: No 1 in 35 Best Mom Blogs List.

April 2021- Bored Panda: interviewed in pieces Mom Receives Criticism About The Way She Punished Her Son and Mom Finds a Hilarious Way To Deal with Her Kids’ Mess.

April 2021-The Telegraph: quoted in the article Being a Stay At Home Mother is ‘the hardest job of all’-it’s time we recognised it as a job title.

March 2021-Bored Panda: contributed to the articles Parenting Tweets of the Month and  50 Hilarious Photos Everyone Needs To See Before Having Kids.

March 2021-#2 in the Mummy Blogs UK Top 10 List on Vuelio.

March 2021-Contribution to the article on and others on Bored Panda.

March 2021- Bored Panda: contributed to this article on whether parents should reveal the truth about the Easter Bunny.

February 2021-Bored Panda: contributed to the article Women Are Sharing Things They Wish They Knew Before Getting Pregnant.

Jan 2021 and December 2020- Bored Panda: contributed to articles 40 of The Funniest Parenting Tweets and 50 Funny Examples Of Kid Logic .

November 2020- Bored Panda: interviewed for articles 42 Parents Share The Most Funny Things That Made Their Toddlers Cry and Wholesome Parents Made Their Kids Day Better

November 2020-Parenting Finalist The Online Influence Awards 2020.

October 2020-Bored Panda: contributed to articles: Funny Tweets, Pregnancy Brain Fails and Kids Shame Insane Parents.

October 2020- Appearance on Channel 4’s Steph Packed Lunch discussing Instagram’s 10th birthday and working online.

September 2020-Appearance on BBC News/ BBC World News discussing new proposed guidelines in pregnancy.

September 2020- Daily Mail’s blog: why now is the right time to pivot into a digital career.

September 2020- Bored Panda: interviewed on postpartum body image.

July 2020-Marie Claire UK: I share My Mumboss Survival Tips.

July 2020-Vuelio: Blogger Spotlight Interview.

July 2020-The Sun/ Fabulous: Mum Hacks I’ve Learnt in Lockdown.

April 2020- Hello Magazine Online: contributed to Entertaining Your Kids in Lockdown.

March 2020-Vuelio Top 10 Mummy Blogs.

March 2020- The Mirror: Featured in the MG Electric Car savings video and print campaign.

March 2020- Huff Post UK- World Book Day.

February 2020-I test-drive the new electric MG ZS EV (ad)

Febuary 2020- Daily Mail’s Mother’s Day Picks- MUMBOSS book featured.

January 2020 – Cadenshae – Top 25 ‘Mommy’ Blog Sites and Why!

December 2019 – The Guardian Labs – The American Express guide to cashback: The answer to a stress-free Christmas? Just do you

December 2019 – Metro – What I Rent: Vicki, £1,225 a month for a two-bedroom flat in Windsor

November 2019 – Katie Piper’s Extraordinary People Podcast – Vicki Psarias AKA Honest Mum is extraordinary!

September 2019 – Wikipedia – Vicki Psarias

September 2019 – Good To Know – Celebs are calling for more creative arts in schools – but why’s it so important to childhood development?

August 2019 – iCandy – Honest Mum On First Time Parental Pressures

July 2019 – HuffPost – ‘I Never Thought I’d Miss Having A Period – Then PCOS Made Them Stop’

July 2019 – The Healthy Mummy – Nadia Sawalha keeps it real when visiting the final Healthy Mummy Body Confidence shoot

July 2019 – Huffington Post – Is An Obsession With Tracking Our Sleep Fuelling A Bedtime Crisis?

May 2019 – Closer – EXCLUSIVE! Honest Mum Vicki Psarias on the Kardashians, motherhood and keeping your mental health on track

May 2019 – Mummy Snowy Owl – 19 Books For 2019 – Mumboss by Vicki Psarias

May 2019 – Metro – This Morning under fire for debate on whether boys should cry: ‘It’s a dangerous argument’

May 2019 – Digital Spy – This Morning viewers slam debate on whether boys should be allowed to cry

May 2019 – Social Mums – Social Mums Star – Vicki Psarias

April 2019 – Mums NI – Mums NI Chats With . . . Vicki Psarias

March 2019 – Sky News – Rankin: Stars and their mums pictures celebrate Mother’s Day

March 2019 – Mumbreakable – How To Be A Mumboss

March 2019 – Mothers & Shakers – 50 Inspiring Books That Will Change Your Life #1-5

March 2019 – Cision – Meet the Influencer: Honest Mum’s Vicki Psarias

December 2018 – Fashion United – Independent retailer spotlight: Our Kid

December 2018 – Laura Ashley – Party outfits Ideas to Try This Christmas

December 2018 – Redluco – Mum’s the Word – An Interview with Vicki Psarias

November 2018 – Penguin – 6 Puffin books that stand the test of time

November 2018-ITV’s Good Morning Britain Debate on Stranger Danger

September 2018 – Female Fitness Academy – Vicki – Honest Mum

September 2018 – Lionesses Of Africa – Mumboss: The Honest Mum’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving at Work and at Home by Vicki Psarias

September 2018 – Super Mum Society – Super Mum of The Month October 2018: Vicki Psarias

August 2018 – Mail Online – From reviving flowers with aspirin to using BREAD to keep cake moist: Lifestyle blogger reveals her must-know household hacks

August 2018 – Daily Express – Lorraine: Lifestyle blogger demonstrates household hack

August 2018 – The Sun – Expert reveals genius tips from preserving a bunch of flowers with an aspirin to picking up pet hair with rubber gloves

August 2018 – 9-2-3 – Flexi-Star series pt 2: Vicki Psarias (a.k.a Honest Mum)

August 2018 – Mama Wins – An Interview With Vicki

August 2018 – Hi Mama – Most women find first-time motherhood a shock to the system

July 2018 – F equals for women on the rise – Vicki Psarias aka Honest Mum

July 2018 – Daily Mail Online – Imogen Thomas is joined by Michelle Heaton as they stun in red for Harry Potter launch at London toy store

July 2018 – Mama Wins – An Interview With Vicki Psarias aka Honest Mum – The Most Honest Mother In Britain

June 2018 – The Lady of the World – Interview with Mumboss writer, Vicki Psarias aka Honest Mum

June 2018 – The Independent – 10 best business books written by women

June 2018 – City Kids – Interview with Vicki Psarias



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