Funny Things My Kid Says


Funny Things My Kid Aged 4 and 2 Months, Says

Kids can say the funniest things, and let me tell you, my own son, Xander who is now 4 and 2 months, basically needs his own show. 'Get that kid an agent, darling' as my good friend, the great actress Harriet Thorpe always says.
The boys playing dog-Honest Mum

“Look Mummy, Look, We’re Dogs”

The words you've always wanted to hear, oh and the actions too-eating rice crispies off the playroom floor from plastic bowls. I've never been so proud. My clever, sometimes crazy twosome playing dog. Inevitably I had to take a picture of it, if only to bribe them in their teenage years.
Oliver-Honest Mum

Wise Words from a 4 Year Old

Some days I feel like I have a little Buddha in the making on my hands, a four year old son (4 and a 1/2 to be precise) seemingly wise beyond his years offering me kernels of wisdom only innocent children who so often so clearly see life as it is, can.

Funny Things My Kid Says-The Pre School Report Edition

Another day, another edition of Funny Things My Kid Says... Oliver's Pre-School is wonderful. A dream school set in acres of countryside with wooden climbing frames and oat biscuits and fruit at break time. He loves it. I love it. The teachers are kind and nurturing and they pride themselves on keeping us parents informed on our children's development, learning and happiness there.
ice cream

Funny Things My Kid Says

If you enjoy posts like this one, why not Follow my blog with Bloglovin Oliver is now 3 and a half and is pretty much a mini little man (one of my best friends commented that he was born mature and she's so ...

Funny Things My Kid Says

...I suppose soon it will be funny things my kids (plural) say as Alexander said 5 words by 8 and a half months and we think he said Mama today-however this post will be dedicated for now to my 3 and a half year old Oliver who cracks us all up on a daily basis! I hope it makes Emma and of course all of you, smile!
Oliver eating an iced treat

Funny Things My Kid Says

So my 3 years and 2 month old, comedy genius boy is back again with his hilarious musings. Here are just a few recent observations:
Oliver smiling

Funny Things My Kid Says

Oliver cracks me up daily. Sometimes I wish I was writing a crazy children's TV series instead of a comedy about warring kebab shop owners...I'd have a lot of material from Mr Comedian I can tell you. Enjoys innit!
oliver running

Funny Things My Kid Says

...Oliver is often confused for a much older child as his language skills and vocabulary are pretty astounding. He's also bilingual (*proud face)...I actually started speaking at 6 months old (really-if you meet me, this won't surprise you, I talk a lot) so I think he might have taken after his Mama.