Funny Things My Kid Says

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Funny Things My Kid Says

…I suppose soon it will be funny things my kids (plural) say as Alexander said 5 words by 8 and a half months and we think he said Mama today-however this post will be dedicated for now to my 3 and a half year old Oliver who cracks us all up on a daily basis! I hope it makes Emma and of course all of you, smile!

We’re moving next year so lots of discussion is currently going on about that. The other day Oliver turned to his brother disdainfully and remarked,

“Alexander, you’re not living with us in our new house. Just Mummy, Daddy and me, OK? You can live with Papu and Yiayia (Grandad and Grandma)”. Poor Alexander.

He then worriedly said, “We will have a garage won’t we Mama?” We do now and will then kid! Funny child!


Oliver to his Daddy over breakfast:

“Mummy I want a sister like my best friend Oscar”.

Daddy: “Ok but do you want a sister or a digger?”

Oliver: “Erm, I already have a digger so I’ll have a sister please”.


Oliver and I often share baths and the other night observing my body he said,

“Oh Mummy, let me squeeze your breast (singular) please”.

Obviously some kind of breastfeeding envy going on from Alexander’s earlier months.


Returning from pre school tonight he announced over dinner that,

“Mummy, this weekend we’re going to Australia. Will you pack my trunki please?”

“Then we’ll go to Manchester”.

What a fabulous round trip. I might tell him Portugal is in fact Oz, same thing right?

He also told me at lunch today, “the teacher wouldn’t give me any courgette, Mummy. She wouldn’t share”. Sure he probably didn’t want any but note to self to cook them more often.


Brushing my hair over him accidentally when putting on his seatbelt he chastised me,

“Mummy you must cut your hair, it’s too hairy”.

So what funny shiznit have your kids been saying?


On his Leap Pad 2 he looks up at me,

“I’m going to be doing some work now so I can buy more sweets”. OK then.

Shoulder to Shoulder to Day

Shoulder to Shoulder to Day

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