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Funny (& Wise) Things My Kids Have Been Saying Recently

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I’ve not written one of these posts in a quite a while and it’s not because those boys of mine have stopped coming out with corkers let me tell you, I’ve just gotten busy: busy writing my book and busy living in the moment (yay).

Both my boys do however crack me up endlessly and are able to lighten the darkest of moods with an eye-roll, plus, somewhat surprisingly, they’ve both given me great strength and solace when I’ve needed it most, when I’ve faced some of the biggest adversities of my life. It’s funny that really, isn’t it? You imagine as the parent that the job requires you to be endlessly strong when in actual fact it’s vital to be honest iwth your emotions too, which in turn allows them to share a candidness when it comes to their own spectrum of feelings.

To know there’s no shame in crying.

Their unconditional, unwavering love for me and the pure lens in which they view the world, with such life-affirming simplicity and often such shocking wisdom never cease to amaze me. Sometimes the easiest answers are right under our nose huh, or from the mouths of babes!

Below are some of those kernels, and some silly ones too for good measure.


Alexander, 5, looking at the moon as we walked home from the train station, the stars twinkling at us as we went, ‘I’m going to hypnotise the moon Mummy and then a star will shoot from the sky’.

Me to Oliver, 8, on the grief of losing my Auntie Zak,
‘I miss her so much Oliver, I don’t know what to do. What should I do?’.
Oliver, ‘Just breathe. And pretend she’s still here’.

Bless him.

Alexander picking up my phone and speaking into the screen, ‘Hello, this is honestmum dot com and we’re doing a Facebook Live’. I’ve created a monster!

While I was scoffing some Cadbury’s chocolate egg Oliver remarked, ‘You really shouldn’t eat that much sugar, you’ve not even had dinner first’. Cringe.

Alexander,5, ‘I’m just too tired for school today, Mummy. Can you tell my teacher I’m taking a day off work’.

Alexander, ‘I’ve drawn you a picture Mama Lita (his made-up name for me). It’s not boobies OK even though it looks like boobies. It’s two round Easter eggs?’. OK (trying not to laugh at the two boobies staring back at me from the page).

Oliver, 8, ‘My book is published before yours Mummy so ha’. Haha the kid is right, his short story was chosen to feature in a Berkshire anthology titled Toy Stories beating my publication date by a whole month!

Alexander, 5, ‘I don’t want to eat any food that was an animal because it was killed OK?’ I wonder if we have a future vegan on our hands here. What a caring child.

So there we have it, the wise, the wonderful and the super silly.

What silly things have your kids been saying recently?

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