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Some days I feel like I have a little Buddha in the making on my hands, a four year old son (4 and a 1/2 to be precise) seemingly wise beyond his years, offering me kernels of wisdom only innocent kids who often see life clearly as it is, or should be, can.

A mature, kind boy, sensitive and caring, intense at times yet fun-loving and affectionate, my Mum frequently says how much he reminds her of me as a child.

I’m so gushingly proud of him (and my toddler too of course) and never more so than when he comes out with gems like this…

Recently after a particularly stressful day where, wait for it, the list is long- the kids fought relentlessly for hours, I was upset seeing my Mum struggle with her broken foot, determined to get to the kitchen solo, I pretty much forgot everything we needed at the supermarket and my cream carpet in the lounge (what was I thinking?) got muddy footprints on it thanks to my Dad (my third child)…left me shouting out,

“I’m sooooo stressed”.

Oliver immediately came to my aid,

“I promise you, tomorrow you won’t remember it”.

And just like that I realised how right he was. Kids wail then forget.

I was going to do the same.

…Near our house stands the prettiest vintage Porsche garage you could ever imagine. Passing it most days allows me to fantasize about whizzing around in one (ha) and most of these cars let me tell you, are cheaper than our family car, like really great value (erm, not for the family of course).

Urgh, I get it, a Porsche is hardly suitable for two kids but the dream is, one day for one of those bad boys to be mine, just for me (we’ll keep the family car too don’t fret-now stick with my dream)…it’s good to dream right folks!

So discussing the shiny silver Porsche winking at me in the sunlight, I beckoned Oliver to take a better look,

“Wow you see that silver Porsche, that would really suit Mummy right? Would you like a Porsche?”

“Why would I want another car when I’ve already got one?”.

Bless him. Grrr!

For the record anyone wanting to gift me a Porsche, you know, forget the kid, I’m totes game.

Then, another time, Oliver and I were discussing playing with children he didn’t know in a sandy playground. I encouraged him to approach a smiley group of kids and introduce himself.

Taking a deep breath, he headed over, chest puffed out and said, “Hey, shall we all build a sandcastle?”

Later on I mentioned how proud I was by his confidence to which he replied, “You know, even if you don’t know the other children, you can make friends easily”.

It made me think, if adults approached one another (within reason) with that viewpoint that friendship can be easy and natural, wouldn’t life be a little bit lovelier?!

Lastly, after a day at the British seaside recently (picture above) where Oliver spent hours picking pebbles, making sandcastles and drawing in the sand he announced, “Do you know, this was the best day of my life”.

So sweet and life affirming huh, kids can be like that.

Wise words indeed.

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74 Responses

  1. TheBoyandMe

    I love the things that they come out with, and yes he’s quite right that tomorrow you won’t remember it. I shall try to keep that in mind.

    Do you want to build a sandcastle?

  2. Vicki Montague - The Free From Fairy

    Ah, what a lovely post! The kids have really had their moments this holiday, but they do certainly come out with gems sometimes that mean it is hard to be cross for too long (thankfully!). It is a funny thing about adults not talking to one another! When I was travelling I spoke to everyone I met and that was totally ok. Here it seems more difficult, but if you do just talk to the person next to you, you can be very surprised at the response…it just takes someone to start the conversation! I love talking to strangers…but then my kids remind me that I shouldn’t (!!!!).

    • honestmum

      Ha that is lovely, I agree Vicki, so lovely to chat to strangers-when I lived in London (as with any Metropolis) that rarely happened but back home in Leeds we tend to a lot-so lovely! Thanks for your fab comment x

  3. Becky | Spirited Puddle Jumper

    Just doing some much-needed catching up on blogs, so behind, aaargh! What a lovely post. Freddie is similar, and comes out with some gems of wisdom at times, it really reminds me that quite often we over-complicate things, when small people just see things clearly and simply so much of the time. We really can learn from our children, however young, and I do feel humbled at times! x

    • honestmum

      Totally agree lovely Becky, they really hone in on what’s important and make us do too, thanks for your lovely comment, Freddie sounds amazing x

  4. Mrs H

    What a gorgeous little boy you have. You must be so proud. He is hugely photogenic too. It would be so much easier to see life through a child’s eyes. I love his comment about making friends. As a child you don’t care what. people think of you. You will talk and play with anyone. It is only as we get older that we worry what people will think of us and it stops us from doing things. It would lovely to be free of these cares. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  5. Jane

    What a sweet boy! He sounds very similar to my son who is now 11 and a half and is still very cuddly and one of my biggest fans. Old souls – very special.

  6. Mummy's to do list

    Kids do say the best things sometimes. And sometimes they don’t have to say anything, just a hug or a gesture can cheer you up. Your son looks adorable. Lovely photo.

  7. Izzie Anderton

    How adorable is your 4-year old son… and he has a great attitude to life. You might want to print off a copy of this & keep it for temporary lapses in being cute when he’s a teen!!

  8. Katie / Pouting In Heels

    What a beautiful, wise boy you have. It’s amazing the lessons they teach us isn’t it?! Children may be in young in years but they sure as hell have wise souls.

    Gorgeous post sweetpea xxx

  9. Shay Noble

    Aw, so lovely and such a gorgeous picture. Kids come out with the most brilliant things sometimes, I think it’s their innocent perspective on life x

  10. Heledd

    Oliver sounds like the loveliest little boy and is a great reflection on you as a mother. Of course he’s his own person but he’s learnt his wisdom and kindness from those around him.

    Every night I ask Lili about her day, you know the usual – what was the best part, what was the worst part and every night she says “Mummy I’ve had a really nice day”, she then goes on to list all the things that made her day so ‘great’. I love our little chats, like Oliver, she sees the world in such a lovely light. Long may it continue! – for both of us xxx

  11. brummymummyof2

    Where you said gift you a porsche that really made me giggle! Are you boy seems so sweet, They both look beautiful. I love it when the kids say something that it makes you stop and think. Lovely post hun xxx

  12. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM)

    Such a lovely post, what a darling little man you have there! So sensible and sweet! I also love how kids are so easily happy. Give them some sand, stones and time with their family and it is the best day of their life. Adorable. Love this post! xx #brilliantblogposts

  13. Debbie

    The nuggets of wisdom that trip off my children’s tongues often leaves me pondering. They see things through un-jaded eyes and I only wish they could continue to view life and all it has to offer through those eyes.

    Unfortunately life experiences lead us to view things very differently than we once did. But maybe if we really listen to our children we can learn to see things as a child once again.

    You have a very wise little boy.

    Popped over from #Brilliantblogposts.

    • honestmum

      Thanks for your wonderful comment Debbie, I totally agree-keeping that magic and positivity alive as we grow is so key x

  14. Maria

    A little Buddha indeed. He sounds like a boy wise beyond his age. I bet you are extremely proud. If he is like this at 4, imagine what he’ll be as a grown man! Thank you for sharing his little nuggets of wisdom with us. They’re profound and definitely unforgettable.

  15. Kat @ beautwins

    What a gorgeous wise son you have there. Very true in what you say. Grateful for what you already have and seeing beauty from the natural free things in life! Gorgeous! Oooh mum and dad had Porsche’s throughout my childhood. Fun but definitely not practice indeed. Once of of any type of car seat then you can have your fun 🙂 #brilliantblogposts xxx

  16. Kiddy Reviews

    Bless Oliver – definitely wise beyond his years and a reminder that sometimes us “adults” need to chill out, be happy and not over think things. Great post x

  17. VeeandJade

    I switched on Housewives of Atlanta for all of 5 minutes to get a similar dream effect. Yes we must dreaming. Well done young mum. He’s making mummy proud

  18. Nortonmum

    This is a lovely post. I love the things our children say to us, I was frantically chasing Magpies away from the little birds nest in the garden, my son told me ‘I was interfering in the food chain’! (ps I agree about the Porsche)

  19. Leigh

    Bless him. That’s adorable. Children really can seem wise beyond their years sometimes – I guess it’s because they’re unafflicted by all the emotional baggage you collect as you get older. xxx

  20. Annwen

    My son isays things like this too, in a sort of ‘He’s been here before’ kind of way. He frequently comes out with things that just make you stop and think. My favourite thing though is when he says “I love my mummy, daddy and sister and I love myself too!” – I wish I could adopt a bit of his genuine, honest self confidence!

  21. Kate @ Family Fever

    Kids have an amazing capacity for learning and understanding, and sometimes we would do well to listen to their words. Like he says – tomorrow the stress will be gone. Fantastic post, and what a lovely boy you have x

  22. Ebabee

    Kids really see things as they should be. If only we could be the same. Wise words indeed from Oliver especially his view on your stressful day x

  23. Tim

    Kids do sometimes say the most profound things, don’t they? I think part of it is they say the world as they see it, unencumbered by the filters of an adult’s experiences and prejudices, and with a maturity that is beyond their years, as is the case with your smart and sensitive son!

    • honestmum

      You are so right Tim, that clarity is staggering at times isn’t it, a real reminder to stop and remember all we should be grateful for and appreciate!

      • Tim

        Even as a parent – and I’m as guilty of this as anyone at times – it’s too easy to ignore/dismiss what a child says, when in fact they often see things more clearly than we do.

  24. mummytries

    What an adorable little fella you have on your hands hon 🙂 love it when the kids exclaim that it’ been the best da of their lives xx


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