Oliver eating an iced treat

Funny Things My Kid Says (lately)

Oliver eating an iced treat

Believe it or not this is actually coloured with natural fruit colourings! No rubbish here! 

Funny Things My Kid Says.

Funny things my kid says…when he’s not eating blue iced treats (no nasties in this treat either)! Kids are naturally hilarious so I wanted to share some anecdotes Oliver has said lately for posterity.

So my 3 years and 2 month old, comedy genius boy is back again with his funny musings. Here are just a few recent observations:

Oliver (sighing): “I’ve been so busy today, working and earning money”.

Me: “Oh right, what work have you done?”

Oliver: “Well, I watched Puss in Boots, worked on my computer and I played with all my toys”.

Me: “Wow, well done Oliver. I wish that was my job”.

Oliver: “I have to work to buy my trucks”.


When Grandma V commented how she is small in height, Oliver replied,

“No, Yiayia (Grandma) you are not small, you are medium”.


I love his American style locks (see above) but at the hairdressers for a trim, Oliver refused stating,

” I will never cut my hair Mama, OK. I like it like this. Let’s go now”.


(After his Uncle explained juice has a lot of sugar in it so he should only drink water).

“Oh yes juice is bad for me. I can still have chocolate, can’t I?”


At the Dr’s:

ME: “Oliver would you like to be a doctor when you grow up?”

Oliver: “Oh no, I want to be Old McDonald”.


To me, about his baby brother:

“When will he start talking? He is quite boring now”.

Poor Alexander! Bahahaha!


The funniest has to be over breakfast as we were cracking boiled eggs:

“I don’t understand why these eggs don’t have chickens in them? Why Mama, why?”


Me: “Look over there, there’s a pheasant in the garden”.

I’m really not ready for the discussion on chicken’s menstruation cycles just yet.

What crazy shiznit have your squirts been saying this week? Anything funny to share??


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