On the fast diet

The Fast Diet and Limiting Sugar

On the fast dietMe: Today on a power walk (Week 3 back on the Fast Diet, 14 in entirety)

So for those who are new to this blog, I started the Fast Diet to help me to lose my baby weight (and become healthier with promises of protection from heart disease, diabetes and cancer) and succeeded in completing 11 weeks of the diet before having a 5 week well earned break.

This was followed by a whole week of actual fasting due to a tummy bug, a catalyst to me getting back on the wagon in time for my upcoming holiday. I’m now on week 3 or 14 (depending on how you view it) of the Fast Diet. Confused? Try starving yourself with PMT. Good times.

So, essentially on the 2 non consecutive fast days a week, you eat only 500 cals  per day (I tend to eat about 800 though ’cause I’m a celery chomping rebel like that) and then you eat normally for the rest of the week, but daily McDonalds does not mean normal OK. You will feel hungry on fast days but it will get better as your body gets used to the hunger pains and then you miraculously eat less on the non fast days. Just don’t fast on PMT week or like me, if you do, simply stay away from people. In general. All people. Even the tropical fish hid from me today.

To be honest if the holiday wasn’t approaching so soon (3 weeks to go) I would have bypassed this week. Is it just me or does PMT get worse after sprogs? Bet you haven’t read that word in a while, unless you’re 12 and still watch Neighbours and Home and Away (apologies to those over 12 viewers-I’m still bitter about the Ch 5 move-why BBC, why?).

Anyway this diet works. My post C-section tummy still needs a lot of work (Spanx are quaking as they read this as I’m seriously keeping them in business) but overall I’m seeing a difference and people tell me I’m losing all the time (I have good friends). I do however seem to put on about 7 pounds pre period so am looking forward to next week y’all. The picture above was also taken on my iPhone which you’ve got to love, as those phones are not called a smart phone for no good reason. They actually make you look slimmer. So I’ll continue and will report back!

…I must also add, I read a super inspiring feature in June’s Vogue by Nicole Mowbray on her eradication of sugar which not only changed her body but also her life.

I’ve been concerned that my 3 year old consumes too much sugar recently as everyone seems to want to treat children to sweets for good behaviour…and suprise suprise what follows along with the crash of energy levels is a reversal of that which is being rewarded! Hello tantrums. My usually polite, good boy turns into a monster. Sugar seriously hates us all in this family!

The last few weeks I’ve limited my sugar, bar a blow out Sunday lunch on a recent long weekend away (rich belgian chocolate steamed pudding anyone?) but I figured one treat day a week is fine and I’ve tried to do the same with my child (that includes no sugary fresh juices and cereals as even the so called ‘healthy wholegrain options’ have a lot of sugar. We’ve opted for homemade muesli and porridge along with all the usuals meals- fish, chicken, rice, sweet potatoes, fresh fruit and vegetable options he already ate. I have seen a real difference in his moods, sleep and general happiness and I think, bar my PMT, I’m the same.

Photograph of me ©Vicki Psarias-Broadbent.

Are you on the Fast Diet? How are you finding it?



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