PMT Busters


PMT is of course the aptly named tense period before your ERM actual period.

Lasting for anything from a day (lucky lady) to actual weeks (really) it is truly a pain in the ass (or uterus in this case) for many. Yes some see few pre menstrual symptoms while others have a horrendous old time waiting for Aunt Flipping Flo to arrive.

Many report it improves after babies but for me personally, it got worse and for those like myself also suffering with PCOS, symptoms can be further exasperated.

Fear not though as a couple of months ago I began discussing ways to alleviate the symptoms with several experts from GP’s to nutritionalists and pharmacists and things have REALLY improved.

So what has helped everything from period pains, migraines to mood swings. Here’s my list of PMT life savers. Ask your doctor though as I’m not one but below are the vits I take and things I do that were approved for me.

You’re welcome, as are your partners, children, work friends…

1. Vitamin B6

This baby is my actual new best friend. There is an article from the BBC here explaining the HUGE benefits of B6 and I take 50mg daily after the government scrapped restrictions of only 10mg daily. Research found that B6 was twice as effective as a placebo in relieveing PMS. Get to the chemist pronto.

2. Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil is derived from the seeds of the Evening Primrose plant, a wild plant from North America but it also grows in Europe and Southern Hemisphere. I take 1000mg a day. It may also help with ezcema, the menopause and skin conditions.

3. Vitamin D & Calcium

Advised by Harley Street nutritionalist Nigel Denby to take this. Research from University of Massachusetts researcher Elizabeth R. Bertone-Johnson, ScD, and her Harvard University colleagues analyzed data collected over 10 years from nurses 27-44 years old including more than 1,000 women with PMS found those with high intakes of both calcium and vitamin D did have significantly reduced PMS risk. To read an article about it, click here.

So if I lived abroad and got lots of ACTUAL sun, Vitamin D (see above taken on holiday in Portugal) my PMT would be reduced. Sunshine makes you happier too. Fact.

…I also take, Magnesium, Zinc and Folic Acid to help alleviate PMT symptoms. Ask your pharmacist to advise on mg.

6. Iron

I don’t currently need iron but ask your Dr to check if you are anemic, especially after heavy periods.

Rescue Remedy Spray

I love this spray and has used it to get me through driving tests, exams, uni, my wedding. Instantly relaxes me when life get overwhelming.


Absolutely vital before and even though you won’t feel like it, during your period. I’m too tired the week after so don’t run then but running during my actual cycle helps alleviate period pains and I sleep better too.

Low GI diet

I’ve eaten this way for as long as I can remember. Staying away from sugar and eating slow releasing carbs, lean protein and lots of fruit (alkaline, low sugar) and veg, I eat like this 90% of the time and treat myself 10%. My 75% dark chocolate is my best friend when it’s time of the month and pretty much all month long in all honesty but the magnesium helps with the sugar cravings and high cocoa solids mean less of a sugar crash too.

The Low GI way of eating helps balance blood sugar, perfect for PCOS sufferers who tend to have insulin resistance too.

Fresh air

Even when I don’t feel like it, when I’m feeling low, I try and get outside. Nothing compares to a walk in the woods or around a lake near our house to reconnect with nature. Even if it’s raining, I always feel better afterwards.

Sofa time

Taking it easy the week of your actual period is important too. I like to try where possible to incorporate sofa days especially over the weekend where I take things easier, try and get my feet up and rest.


My miracle cream for the odd hormonal spot or three. I use this at night as the bright white variety isn’t a great base in the day!

Do you suffer from PMT? What are your tips?

Photograph ©Peter Broadbent.

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