I can still refer to him as my baby right? My little darling Alexander is 1 today (Happy 1st birthday baby Alexander-I’m still calling  him baby!) and I really can’t believe it. I feel a little emotional and might have had a little cry. It actually feels like yesterday I brought him home from hospital, all thick black hair and chubby cheeks.

How times have changed. His hair is still huge (no hair loss here) but not poker straight but a mop of cute angelic curls, a reddish brown hue and eyes so doll like, they get away with far too much!

A delicate, long limbed little baby, he’s quick and nimble, into everything (especially smashing Mummy’s make up) and clambering up stairs, trying to get into the bin (eww)…he can almost walk and can even throw a ball (go A!).

My small son chatters away and already says so many words…the most frequent “Mama” the easiest to say is shouted at everyone from the gardener to Billy the Cat. Alexander has definitely found his voice (and boy is it loud) and like his brother (me and everyone bar my husband Pete, enjoys a good ol’ shout)…this will never be a quiet house…


So, a whopping whole year ago, after a blissful birth, little A completed our Big Fat Greek family and brings us so much joy each and every day. The way he lays his head on ours for cuddles and waits for kisses, the contagious laughter mostly at his brother’s dancing; the way he tries to hug him tightly (before being brushed off) I’m never met a more affectionate child.

And despite my eldest Oliver’s moments of envy towards his younger brother, they’re gradually playing more together as A’s become more adept at pushing cars around and is starting to hold his own (the kid hits back) but the other day I caught Oliver tickling him as both boys laughed in sheer delight, these tender moments make up for all the fights!

Life has got busier with two that’s for sure, juggling harder but with supportive family helping me along, somehow, some way, I’ve managed to work and raise my boys without (yet) going nuts! There has been a lot of midnight oil burned that’s for sure! The fun of freelance life.

So here we are, celebrating Aleaxander’s first year and on Sunday his christening too. Time flies but we’ve enjoyed every minute with our little son. Thank you Alexander for being you.

Happy Birthday my ‘baby’ boy!

Photograph ©Peter Broadbent.

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15 Responses

  1. katie

    happy birthday to your gorgeous little man. Glad to hear the boys are starting to play nicely together….still hope for us then! x

  2. jules

    Happy birthday little A. He’s gets more handsome with every day. (good genes) lots of squishy shmooshy hugs and kisses from us all xxx


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