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I’m not the greatest sleeper, I never have been really and in the words of my mother my, “energy has always been boundless”. My kids seemed to have taken after me (which is good and bad).

All ‘gifted’ with the wildest of imaginations, I remember suffering from nightmares as a child and being super-sensitive when it came to night time!

I also distinctly remember as a child not wanting to sleep as I didn’t want to miss out on anything!

That love and zest for life is great but you know, sleep is needed and neccessary and although I sleep OK, I’m still a light sleeper and wake easily most night-(not helped by kids who wake and make me on constant alert)!

My husband Peter and I share the nights equally but I suffer the most when it comes to sleep deprivation that’s for sure! My eldest, 4 generally sleep OK but the toddler goes through tough stages of teething, illness and general waking up through the night which can be hard on all of us!

Recently I’ve made some small changes though to help me to sleep through (great for when Peter is on night duty or my parents have the kids) and they really do work!


I run in the morning most days to wake me up, however tired I am and this seems to help me sleep better by night.

I have a treadmill in the garage so often wake before the kids and get my jog on for 20-25 minutes. I always feel great after and miss it when I don’t do it!


I try and get a yoga session in a few mornings a week too and the kids enjoy joining me. I find if I do some wind down yoga positions before bed too, I feel ready for slumber. Too much yoga though at night and I’m wide awake before bed!


Balanced meals through the day are crucial and definitely at dinner time! I try and eat a low carb but balanced meal before bed (Mum was over the other day and rustled up this Greek chicken tavva above-recipe coming soon on the blog)… A bit of porridge for dessert with chopped apple and banana also helps me to relax too. A nutritionist once told me oats are like natural valium.

A cup of camomile tea or hot milk too can help chill you out! Whatever you do, stay away from caffeine near bedtime!

Switching Off

I am trying (not always easy) to switch all technology including the TV off at least 1 1/2 hours before bedtime. The light in your phone stimulates your brain so it’s important to have a digital detox in time for bedtime!

Bath Time:

Like your kids’ routine, I like a hot bath when they’re asleep. I was recently sent Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind Bath and Shower Gel for review and didn’t really believe the claims it would help me relax and get to sleep but let me tell you, it really works.

It smells divine- frankincense, petitgrain, wild camomile and rosemary which helps organise your thoughts and calms the mind. A few drops in the bath and I’m blissed out!

Rescue Remedy

Another miracle herbal mixture I can’t live without-I often place a few drops on my tongue pre-bedtime to help relax and quieten my mind.

I also keep a small window slightly open as if your room is too hot or cold, it doesn’t make for a restful sleep. Your body cools down as you sleep so mimicking that helps you to drop off.

So what helps you sleep through, let me know in the comments!

Updated Post.

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19 Responses

  1. Mama and More aka Zaz

    Second try at commenting! Totally agree with your points. Rescue Remedy is a life saver when having a nervy time, it really settles you,and as for yoga, just good to avoid inversions as too much blood to the head does not an easy night make. I’m not always good at doing so though, same applies to turning off electrical gadgets long before bedtime! Naughty Naughty! Thanks for linking to All About You xx

    • honestmum

      Ha thanks darling, good to know science behind yoga stimulating me sometimes before bed. I am trying hard to switch off gadgets too, thanks for your comment x

  2. Alex

    Those are good tips – you sound just like me!! My imagination can run away with me still and I’ve always burnt the candle at both ends. Case in point, laptop on at 11:17pm and still blogging… x

    • honestmum

      Haha can be so hard can’t it when we are trying to do everything but really found when I’m strict on myself, it makes a huge difference x

  3. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    I’m not a great sleeper, if I’m woken during the night (and who isn’t when you have kids?!) I find it very difficult to get back to sleep, and it’s often taken me a while to get to sleep in the first place! I hadn’t thought of rescue remedy before bed though, I might try that, and I must stop taking the ipad to bed…! #allaboutyou

  4. vicky cockett

    hi – i need these tips!!! – i just wondered, does the Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind Bath and Shower Gel say anything about being used during pregnancy? i used to use the bach range, (they have sleep drops which are fab) but i have been told not to use them during pregnancy.
    i have major sleep issues anyway because of fibromyalgia, but now pregnancy has thrown a load more into it. so im looking for any tips!
    ps, i scoured the blog for the Tavva recipe today – i still really really want to try this! 🙂
    thanks again for a great blog x

    • honestmum

      Oh Vicky I’m not sure but I’ll send an email to the PR and will ask the other PR I work with on Rescue Remedy re safety in pregnancy. Tava recipe will be up tomorrow! x

      • honestmum

        Hi Vicky I’ve enquired and only the Renewing Rose range is safe in pregnancy. I personally used Rescue Remedy in my second pregnancy and was fine but not sure the official line on it. Waiting to hear back from the PR too!

    • honestmum

      Received this re Rescue Remedy in pregnancy too “RESCUE Remedy® can be invaluable during times of life’s emotional upheaval, with its gentle action it can help you cope with life’s ups and downs. However, if you are concerned about anything taken during pregnancy (or if you are breast feeding) we would recommend you discuss with your qualified doctor of midwife. Please note this product contains alcohol”.

  5. Sophie Lovett

    You could have been describing me at the beginning of this post… Arthur had a really good night last night but I found myself waking up for no discernible reason! Great advice here, especially about switching off the screens and giving yourself time to relax. I know it but that doesn’t mean I do it! xx

    • honestmum

      thanks lady, found it really helps although tonight I’m burning the midnight oil after a lax week and weekend and a million deadlines! Wish me luck x


    The other night I had the deepest, most restful sleep in ages. And I realised it was because I didn’t look at a screen all evening – instead, I curled up with a book for a couple of hours. Haven’t managed to do it since, but at least I know what works for me! Some good tips in this post.

    • honestmum

      So good isn’t it?! Ours brains just can’t switch off if we’re watching, tweeting or blogging right before bed. I really am getting strict with myself on this x

  7. Hannah Mums Days

    Oh I LOVE aromatherapy Assosiates! I have this one and the morning revive (which I love more)!

    I’m sort of the opposite and generally sleep at any opportunity (you read my post about daily napping, righ?! Ha!) but the problem with that is if your sleep is even remotely broken you are in full on zombie mode. I really struggled with a newborn let me tell you!! I’m so glad you’re managing to improve your slumber – these tips sound great for health in general 🙂 xxx #thelist

    • honestmum

      Haha Oh I do love a day nap though, maybe I need to cut my odd day nap out to sleep better at night! Thanks for your kind words and lovely to link up x

  8. Izzie Anderton

    Couldn’t agree more that anything that helps you sleep can only be a good thing. I’m not a great sleeper here either and have used Rescue Remedy to help quieten my mind. If I’m sleeping really badly I sometimes take Quiet Life tablets and they’re pretty good. I also try not to use the laptop after 9pm.
    Great to read about what works for you x


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