For those who follow my blog know, I love yoga! I practise 3 mornings a week minimum and the odd evening too, and by practice I don’t mean hours at a time Gwynnie style, it’s usually 10-15 minute sessions, with even those short bouts makinf the world of difference to my daily life, my well being, how toned I look and feel and well, how happy I am to be honest.

So much so, yoga has stopped being just a form of exercise to me, but a big part of my life, not only having a positive impact on my fitness but also on my mental wellbeing and overall health.

I’m asked a lot for my tips on how and where to begin when it comes to yoga and although I’m by no means an expert, I wanted to share a few of the things that have worked for me and also of course, to share my yoga style with you all

So without further ado, here’s my top 5 yoga tips for beginners:

1. Get the right kit – In terms of clothes, make sure you choose a yoga outfit that’s cool, comfortable and not too loose (some poses mean you’ll be upside down and the last thing you want is to be yanking down loose clothing particularly in a yoga class – my favourite yoga outfit is by cool Swedish brand me&i (more of that in detail, later). If you want to practice yoga at home make sure you invest in a mat so you don’t slip (you can pick them up for as little as £5 online).

2. Take classes – There are some fantastic online videos and DVDs that allow you to practice yoga in the comfort of your own home (I love the 10 minute solution-dvd) and my friend writer and yoga teacher Zaz’s blog Mama and More for yogi-spiration.

I strongly recommend taking at least a couple of beginners classes so you can have an expert teach you the key moves (such as Downward Dog and Plank). The key to yoga success is how you align and open up your body and its important that you have a yoga teacher show you the correct way to do this. Don’t feel disheartened if the teacher corrects your pose either, no one is perfect from the start and it takes months or even years of practice to perfect the individual moves.

3. …And Breathe – Breathing technique is a key part of yoga, so make sure you master this early on (again attending classes helps). Observe your breath and concentrate on deep inhales and exhales to power each movement throughout your session. Yoga breathing strengthens your respiratory and immune system and helps energy levels. It can also help with stress and improves mental wellbeing (Top Tip – if you’re having a stressful day, take 5 and practice yoga breathing – it has a brilliant calming effect and I use it all the time).

4. Know your limits – Yoga is a great way to train your muscles and push your body, but at the same time make sure you listen to your body too. Don’t over do it. If something genuinely hurts or you are struggling for breath, then stop and revert to Child’s Pose (the yoga pose of the rest). You know your body the best and if something really doesn’t feel right then don’t do it. And don’t fixate on your classmates either if you attend a class- we all progress at our own pace and the number one priority needs to be your safety.

5. Try, try and try again – Let’s not kid ourselves…yoga is HARD, but that’s what makes it such a brilliant workout. Some poses are difficult to master, but practice makes perfect and through perseverance and by building your core strength you will eventually nail it! I remember the first time I took on the Eight Angle Pose (where you balance just on your hands with your legs crossed out to the side – difficult huh?!) I couldn’t master it and kept on falling over, but after several attempts, I eventually perfected the move and was ready to take on my next challenge!

Clothes wise, I want my yoga outfit to be comfortable, able to stretch with me, and durable. As I practise yoga regularly, that’s a lot of use and a lot of washes! As my regular readers will know, I don’t like to compromise on style either. I often do some yoga then head for the school run, so its important that my outfit is suitable for the public arena too! I believe if I look good, I feel good too.

I picked up the outfit here at a recent me&i style party I hosted, which you can read about here.

yoga clothes

I adore the colour of this on trend pastel pink v-neck t-shirt (£37). It’s a light cotton blend, so keeps me cool too. The material is textured and has a slightly ‘lived-in’ look meaning it looks great wear after wear after wear…These me&i Magic Pants are ideal for yoga (barefoot) and also look pretty cool with converse or as I’m wearing floral Cath Kidston trainers.

Magic by name, magic by nature…they’re literally one of the comfiest pair of tracksuit/legging style pants I’ve ever worn!

I love the fact that although they’re loose fitting (and therefore nice and cool!) the bottom cuff is elasticated so they won’t ride up during my more acrobatic (!) yoga positions.

I often like to start my session, or end them wearing this matching sweatshirt with anchor motif on the back. Pretty huh?

The perfect yoga outfit for this yoga loving mummy.

So are you an avid yoga fan too? I’d love to hear your tips!


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27 Responses

  1. Aaron Kriegerson

    Thanks for your yoga tips for beginners, Vicki. You make a great point about making sure that you breath properly while you are doing yoga. Some of the poses can be challenging, and it’s tempting to hold your breath. However, I think the emphasis on breathing is what makes yoga so cleansing and relaxing. You make a great point there. Thanks for your tips!

  2. Rebeca

    I have two sons and pain in my back. When I start doing Yoga Classes, I feel a lot better and happier.

  3. Blogger Mummy Lauren

    I used to be very dismissive of yoga, particularly before I had children. I always thought it looked a bit boring, and wondered how something so slow could actually have an effect. After having the children I backtracked a little and thought I would give it a go, and now I love yoga! I haven’t been to a class yet, I tend to just follow yoga routines on Youtube, but I would love to start going to classes.
    Thanks for the great tips!

  4. Christine - Yogaberry

    Great advice and especially about the loose clothing 😉 nobody wants to look at their mummy tummy in shoulderstand! Also knowing your limits is so important! I’ve started teaching yoga a few months ago and I see people being taken over by their ego all the time! It doesn’t make you a happier person just because you can touch your feet in a forward bend. Also hadn’t heard of me&i before so must have a look at their clothes! xx

  5. Juliet McGrattan

    I’m going to be doing a bit less running over the next year while I write my book so thought I’d try some yoga as an alternative. Obviously I’ll need to shop for this! I love your recommendations and thanks for your top tips. x

  6. Rachel - tenminutesspare

    I do wish I could look half so stylish when I’m working out! I’m badly in need of some new exercise clothes so I’ve set myself a challenge – once I’ve completed ten park runs I’ll treat myself to something. I’ve only ever done a little bit of pregnancy yoga. I tend to do pilates instead (on recommendation of s physio after some post partum complications) I do use the pilates version of the ten minute solution though and love the quick but really thorough workouts.

  7. Mummy Fever

    Yoga is something I did before I had children – I’m more about running up that stairs and squats while ironing now

  8. Carol Cameleon

    I’ve got an amazing Chakra Healing book which suggests yoga positions for each of the main chakras. I’d love to explore more yoga and often run out of time but saying that, I make time for at least 10 mins meditation (combined with reiki self-treatment) a day so am sure I can squeeze in 5 mins of yoga too 🙂

    • honestmum

      Thanks so much lovely, I really love yoga (and the clothes from me&i) think you would too, try it, really helps me relax x

  9. Mama and More aka Zaz

    I love these pictures of you Vicki – so dreamy! That top is just gorgeous, I have been looking for a lovely soft long-sleeved yoga top in just that colour!

    I loved leading you and Oliver through yoga practice the morning after the night before – I think that you are right to emphasise the breath. I think it’s also important to accept that you will challenge yourself – whether that’s in being able to keep still and focus the mind on the breath (for most people, it’s a challenge in itself), to doing different poses. And accept that some poses will feel right on some days, and off on others, and that is so utterly natural. It tells us a story about us – perhaps that we’re needing a bit more balance, a bit more strength, a bit more flexibility – mentally as well as physically. As with everything you do, be self-aware – listen to the body. Some days I need a lot of childs pose, other days less. Most importantly – learn the difference between discomfort and sharp shooting pain. The former we can conquer, the latter, no, give yourself some love and forget ego and “nailing a pose”.

    I wrote a post about what my yoga means to me – and it means something different for everyone! Sorry for such a long comment – can you tell I could talk about yoga for hours?? And style too, so this post is right up my street! Wonderful post and beautiful you xxx

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling Zaz, I love this comment and wish we could have you teach us yoga every day, you are an incredible, patient and natural teacher. I love the distinction between the pain too and what can be worked through and what can’t. So important. I do love the peace of mind it gave me and the power too that whatever life brings, can be dealt with through breath. Thanks so much for the constant inspiration and I’m so glad you like the clothes too, truly beautiful and comfortable pieces, perfect for yoga x

  10. Deborah

    My top tip would be to take it slow. And to try again if you didn’t like it at first. I believe there’s a yoga and a yoga teacher for everyone. xx

    • honestmum

      Love that Deborah, thanks, I would love you to teach me one of these days (when we’re in the same country) xx

  11. Charlene

    Jealous! I really want to get into a regular practice. I should promise myself if I do a certain number of mornings in a row I can get something nice to wear xx

  12. Angela from

    Being chronically, I’ve recently started doing chair Yoga. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it but it really does help and doesn’t use up the little energy I have. Some exercise is better than one!

    Angela from

  13. Cerys

    I’ve recently got into yoga and am loving it! Even if I am walking like John Wayne a couple of days after?!…x


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