collageThis weekend saw us ensure ‘passportgate‘ never happens again with a trip to very lush Liverpool, one of our favourite cities in the UK, to submit and order Oliver’s new passport (yay)!

Gloriously sunny for the most part it was ice creams at the docks and some shopping in my favourite city of style, with new jeans and shirts for Peter, Topshop frocks for I and some toys for the boys…

Not before plenty of chilled bench-dwelling under the sun’s rays though-


Kid enjoying Liverpool


ice cream


My nautical inspired dress c/o Fever London.



cuteXander loved his new LEGO bricks


legoWe spent the night there and headed to Knowsley Safari Park the following day, which left both boys gaping in awe at the animals there, particularly the zebras, lions and ostriches, it also inspired some crazy conjured bedtime stories of lions escaping the reserve, and getaway monkeys jumping into cars.







Oliver and Xander loved playing in the sandpit in the main area too and we even caught a sea lion show (the pictures came out a little dark in the latter).



And Xander liked lounging on the benches, as you do!


benchWanting to touch the live animals was a no-no but toy rides were the next best thing!



Daddy’s big gloves are fun! ‘Giant hands’!

kid in big gloves

Xander’s clothes-all gifted- cardigan Mamas & Papas, tracksuit bottoms, me&i, and shoes Bobux.

big gloves

Sunday night was time to celebrate my favourite lady’s birthday, my Mama. My Auntie Zak flew over from Marbella to party with us and it was feasting as usual, at one of the family restaurants, The Olive Tree (in Headingley, Leeds). My husband Peter had to make a late deadline so sadly couldn’t join the evening do but we made sure we brought a takeaway of swordfish, rice and courgettes, home for him!

La familia!



Poor Oliver!

bored face

Happy again!

peekabooMy dress is c/o Baukjen and Alexander’s chic shirt was gifted by Alexandra, founder of Tendre Deal, the members-only kids store offering luxury French products at discounted prices.

AlexanderThe shirt is by ANTON ET ZEA and suits Alexander down to a tee (make that, a shirt)!

designer shirt

Anton and Zea shirt

We met with Papou Andy, my husband’s godfather and great family friend, my brother Solos and his girlfriend Lucy and got stuck in!

Olive Tree

Now for the pics!

Family before food of course…


Uncle and nephew

Aunt and nephew



We all seemed to order seafood and fish for dinner: delicious!

Prawn and crab cocktail from the Specials Board.

prawn cocktail

A tumbling tower of calamari


Swordfish in a caper sauce-


Sea bass with spinach and feta cheese

sea bass with feta and spinach

Whole sea bass

whole sea bass

The kids scoffed chicken kebabs and rice

chicken kebabs and rice

And the birthday girl blew out her candles while we all sang (loudly)!

Happy birthday

The perfect end to a truly wonderful weekend!

I’m so grateful to have my ‘surround sound’ and super loving family in my life.

Linking up to Michelle of Bod for Tea’s #sharethejoylinky

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42 Responses

  1. Michelle Reeves (bodfortea)

    You amaze me darling – only you could turn the boring job of getting a new passport into such a fabulous weekend! Gorgeous pictures as always and your family birthday dinner (happy birthday to your Mama by the way!) looks stunning – are those strawberries I see in the champagne glasses? Thank you so much for linking up this happy post at #sharethejoy xx

    • honestmum

      Thanks sweetie, we adore Liverpool so made it into a little weekend break. They are strawberries indeed, a really fun, relaxed evening, thanks for having me join your fab linky xx

  2. K's Mum

    Awww the pictures are lovely! Looks like a really fun weekend! 🙂 #brilliantblogposts

  3. A Cornish Mum

    It’s lovely how close your family all seem, I wish mine were more like this!! Beautiful photos as always,

    Stevie xx #brilliantblogposts

  4. Mel

    Great shots of your week-end. That photo of you with the ice cream looks stunning and so natural! My kiddos would love the safari park. The animals look pretty happy there. Happy birthday to your mum! x

  5. Mama and More aka Zaz

    Oh wow, such stunning pictures as always. I love the way that you guys always make an outing become magical, and the kids look like they are having a blast. Planning to take mine to Whipsnade Safari Park soon. You all look gorgeous, and send my love to your wonderful mama xxx (missing that lush Olive Tree food!)

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling Zaz, it really was a magical weekend and our favourite times are as a family. So funny, had an email about attending an event at Whipsnade tonight, looks amazing, enjoy sweetpea xx

  6. Mirka Moore @Kahanka @Fitness4Mamas

    Happy birthday again to your mama, looks like you had an amazing time. I have been to Liverpool only once years ago when I used to live near manchester but do not remember it as such a nice city, need to pay it another visit soon as your pics look amazing, love the blue skies xxx

    • honestmum

      We adore it there, stunning, clean, incredible shopping, museums, the dock, so rich in culture and one of my all time favourite UK cities x

  7. Danielle Vedmore

    Looks like you had a fab time! Liverpool is my nearest city and the Safari Park is just down the road – saw Dirty Dancing at the Empire the other day – was fab! Happy birthday to your mum 🙂

    • honestmum

      Oh wow, so lucky, love Liverpool and the Safari Park, bet Dirty Dancing was fab, thanks for the birthday wishes lovely x

  8. Stephanie

    Looks a great weekend and I love that scooter with the mirrors/eyes. Glad passportgate is done with – what a nightmare. #sharethejoy

    • honestmum

      They are cool aren’t they, thanks and the passport scenario turned out well in the end as both boys enjoyed their respective holidays xx

  9. Lisa@intotheglade

    It looks like a fab weekend! I can confirm that the weather was gorgeous, we were at Formby Point rather than in town on Saturday. Fab pictures of a fab city.

    Happy Birthday to your lovely mama! As usual you all look beautiful and the food has my mouth watering. I should never look at your blog when I’m hungry xxxxx

    • honestmum

      Oh we nearly went to Formby, love it there. Aw thanks darling, I know maybe I should add a warning, ‘Don’t look when hungry’! x

  10. Helen AT Casa Costello

    Oh we live 10 minutes away from Knowsley Safari park! I could have popped the kettle on. We spookily enough passed the Olive Tree this weekend when we were in Leeds! x

  11. Tendre Deal

    Liverpool is also on my list of places to visit. Really inspiring post. I hope you will win the BiB Award. Thanks for the great photos of Alexander.

  12. Mummy Tries

    Gorgeous photos of your beautiful family Vicki. You packed a lot in, but that’s what weekend’s like this one were made for. We had a similar action packed weekend in Brighton xx

  13. Ebabee

    Absolutely stunning photos – making me want to go to Liverpool now! Must plan a trip sometime soon. You already know I think so but I will say it again – you have an incredibly gorgeous family – do they want to adopt me? xx

    • honestmum

      Oh you are too lovely, we’d love to adopt you and you better come visit us in Leeds before your Liverpool trip, please do xx


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