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Hey there regular readers and new ones too, welcome and where’ve you’ve been people!!

Tomorrow (Saturday), my whole family, including my folks, were due to take a trip to Marbella in Spain together for a week, however late last night we noticed my 5 year old Oliver’s passport had just expired! Lesson to all, check everyone’s passports! We’re idiots!

It’s a bank holiday today (Good Friday) so the passport office is closed and even if it were open, it would take up to 8 days to reissue so too late to reschedule another holiday! Arrgh!

We thought long and hard through the night on what to do (I was up for most of it and many a tear has been shed) with my husband Peter encouraging me to still go away, taking my youngest Alexander, 2, with me, along with my folks.

This trip is a press holiday with the stunning James Villas close to where my glam Aunt Zak lives and an area we know well and although I’m going to miss my other boys like crazy I want to try and make it as fun as possible for my youngest son.

We are luckily going on another press holiday to Jamaica in May so it won’t be long until Oliver gets some beach time of his own.

Back home Peter and Oliver are going to have a boys staycation visiting all the museums and parks Oliver loves, taking a trip to Liverpool for the day (where we fly from) and just chilling out.

I’ve discussed it with Oliver who has taken it really well and said, ‘Can I get a toy fire engine while you’re away?’. He actually seems excited for undivided time with Daddy and I couldn’t help laughing when he said, ‘No Alexander to play with my toys’!

The boys were able to move their flights and we’ve booked our own holiday to Venice in the summer and Oliver still has a week off school when we all return, so I’m feeling a little bit better about everything.

So now for Marbella and the week ahead…

We’ve visited Marbs lots of times before but this will be the first time staying in a villa and not a hotel and I’m looking forward to having my folks hopefully rustle up some lovely meals for us and having the privacy of our own pool.

We’ll be back in a week on the 12th and the blog will resume soon after so fear not (I know you weren’t worried anyway, there’s lots of chocolate eggs to be eaten and Easter fun to be had) but if you fancy catching up on some of my most favourite posts while I’m away, take a look below.

Meanwhile I’m going to take a deep breath and embark on a holiday unlike any I’ve had before…

Have a lovely Easter to those celebrating and happy holidays!

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Thanks and catch you in a week amigoes!


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