Always Rushing

When you feel like you're always rushing!

Life Isn’t As Rosy As It Seems

We all have s*** days, that's life right, but sometimes those tough days can feel relentless, and they can often morph into s*** months or even years. A lot of last year for my family and I was utter pants. Not professionally, but personally.
women walking in fields of corn

Smear Tests/ Cervical Screenings: Don’t Flipping Put Them Off

I received a letter in the post recently informing me that I needing a cervical screening. I immediately panicked at the terminology before realising (thanks to Google) that this was the fancy term for a smear test. The negative association around a sme...
Honest Mum

Why Having Kids Doesn’t Change Your Personality

Close mates of mine are considering trying for bambinos soon and they've been asking me questions, a lot of questions, so this post is for them, and for you, if you're worried that having babies might take over your brain and warp who you are.

Half Term Fun with Friends in Windsor & Beyond

So half term was part 'chill out' time and part 'let's start prepping for our move down south'. We won't move until the summer and whilst I lived in London for 11 years before relocating back when Oliver was 1, it feels like quite a big move as we have two kids now.