9 years blogging

What I’ve Learnt From 9 Years Blogging

Honest MumIt’s official people, I’m the actual grandma of blogging now, ringing in 9 whole years writing online (that’s 3285 days-yes I Googled it) and always one to love a party, I plan on milking the celebrations dry, on this one.

Seriously though, this blog of mine has changed my life since its inception way back when, in 2010. It’s offered me a flexible job around my kids that my former career, TV directing could not, and it’s made so many childhood dreams come true such from regularly appearing on TV (appearing on BBC World News to 100 million is something I won’t forget) to interviewing stars such as Kim Cattrall, Anastasia and Westlife, to working with global brands and collaborating with culinary heroes Jamie Oliver, James Martin, Aldo Zilli, and the late Antonio Carluccio.

Speaking in Parliament twice about maternal rights and birth trauma respectively, are up there too, as memorable milestones, as is contributing to government strategy on Women’s Empowerment, while candidly sharing my own story as both a mother and a boss.

The charities I’ve supported and help raise awareness about. The Wikipedia page that made my parents proud. It’s boosted my boys’ confidence (Oliver saw his third TV appearance on SKY News last week as he gave his thoughts on Brexit) and we’ve travelled to countries far and wide from Finland to Jamaica to South Africa and the South of France, and beyond, thanks to this blog.

Honestmum.com has nourished me spiritually and literally, stimulating and stretching me while putting bread on the table as I’ve built and grown a personal brand from my kitchen table, publishing my very first post on November 10th 2010 (thank you Amancay/ Lady of the World for pushing me) and working passionately day after day, year after year, in an accidental career I never knew was possible on day 1. I hope you can feel the love I have for storytelling when you visit here. The passion, joy and fun I have writing, presenting and filmmaking and my commitment to supporting others.

I’ve shared the posts which mean the most to me below. They were undoubtedly the hardest to write at the time, and that’s probably why they appeared to have resonated the most with others, and continue to.

I’m finally writing about my thyroid operation.

Crying it out: overwhelming grief.

Being Honest: Having a traumatic birth. 

Proud in my bikini.

I hope you take a moment to look around.

Argh, there’s so much to thank the democratic digital space that is the internet.

Thanks to the blog, I have more friends I can now call my sisters and I’ve discovered strength I never knew existed.

I was able to rebuild my identity and confidence post traumatic birth with my first son, thanks hugely to this blog and CBT and here exists a space to call my own, my creative home.

The blog was also the catalyst to me writing a bestselling book: MUMBOSS and embarking on a book tour (shout-out to the Mothership Events NI event in Belfast, pictured below with some crazy posing (!) as I never got round to blog about and a 140 strong brilliant audience of Northern Irish women who made me feel at home)… and it’s also led to a brand new business I’m launching soon with partners Lucy Griffiths, Tim Griffiths and Jack Freud which will hopefully help mobilise millions of mums all over the world.

Belfast Belfast book tur

I’m actually shocked that millions of people are reached each month both here and on my social channel, and worldwide too (a Greek recipe even reunited long lost family in Oz with relatives in Manchester) and it’s a pleasure and a privilege to share my life with you all, and I’ll never take that for granted. You guys have given me your time, love, energy and unwavering support through the good times and the bad and I can’t imagine life without my blog, my sounding board and means to create and process whether I share the posts I write or not.

This space is mine, and in the same way I can see, and trace the stitching and what has now become the legacy of my own, much-loved late grandma Annetta in the heavy crochet blankets she lovingly made which adorn my bed, I hope you too, can see me as clearly, in my own brush strokes in his blog, my ethos, tone of voice, the way I see the world, and the energy I bring to it. The desire to empower others and help them find a safe space here with me.

This blog is part of me. So much so, I no longer know where I begin and the blog ends. It never ends, really. It’s a mirror of my life. We are but one.

Post-therapy and the generous counsel of those whom I trust the most (you know you are) the past few years particularly, have seen me feel peace within myself and a deeper sense of self-worth. I no longer seek validation from others or look externally for approval.

As I shared in Belfast, I live by the words, ‘Don’t believe hype, don’t believe the shite’.

I now lean on myself, not others, and place my trust in me. I am my own compass. Nothing need define nor limit me. Nor you. 9 years on, I finally feel free in both my work and in life and I feel this new, high frequency might just lead to my most meaningful work to-date. Perhaps my 10th year blogging might be my most fulfilling. Let’s see.

Thanks for sticking by.

9 years blogging



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