improving your life

10 Small Ways To Improve Your Life Forever

improving your life

You don’t need to make HUGE changes to your life, to improve it. I’ve recently implemented small activities day-to-day which have had a big impact so I just had to share them here in case you find them useful too.

  1. Get outside. Having a bad day? Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated? Get out into the open, breathe in that beautiful fresh air and walk. Walking LOTS has literally changed my life as has receiving a FitBit which motivates me endlessly. Don’t just leave exercise to the last minute though when you’re almost broken. Get into a routine where walking, running or yoga becomes part of your daily life like brushing your teeth so as to nourish you instantly but vitally to also protect your mental and physical wellbeing too.
  2. Declutter your surroundings physically (sort out that wardrobe, clear out the shed, do whatever you need to do to feel like you have order in your life. I would add declutter the people in your life too. Part ways/ distance yourself from those who court drama and only bring you pain. Respect yourself enough to know you don’t need to bear others’ constant negativity. That doesn’t mean not being there for those you love of course. Here I’m referencing people who bring you down, projecting their own insecurities onto you and consistently drain you. Life is too short for that shizz.
  3. Keep a gratitude diary. I even email myself with things I feel grateful for as they arise so you don’t even require a physical diary for this to work. Everything from my youngest son making me laugh to a surprise kiss from my eldest who isn’t a fan of kissing right now to a kind review of my book or simply seeing another day, all makes the list. Everyone of us has so much to be thankful for and seeing it in black and white is a reminder of that fact.
  4. Stop complaining. Yep, I know it can be hard especially as we are all doing so much and there’s a lot to feel crappy about but I promise you, if you stop yourself from complaining, you start feeling more content and the results are immediate. Of course, this doesn’t mean, don’t reach out for help and support if you need it, this advice purely relates to trivial complaints that soon add up, making yourself and the recipient to them miserable. Come on, turn that frown upside down!
  5. Self care is crucial. For me, that doesn’t mean heading to a spa regularly although it’s lush when it happens, it simply means carving out time for myself where no one expects anything from me and I can simply chill the heck out (usually a long bath followed by some escapist reality tv on the box-what could be better?)
  6. Eat well. I’m plant-based and eating this way has transformed my life a million times over…. However you eat, get seasonal fruit and veg into you and limit sugar, white carbs and alcohol so as to balance your hormones and improve your mood.
  7. Tell someone you love, that you love them. So simple yet we often forget to shower our loved ones with praise and forget that giving is even sweeter than receiving.  Give strangers compliments too. A little kindness goes a long way.
  8. Create a plan of action and get your dreams out into the universe. I love planning for the future and mood boards are a personal fave. Jot down your dreams and remind yourself of what you want from life to help keep you focused and motivated.
  9. Help others. Do something kind to someone today whether that’s dropping off a bag of clothes and books to a charity shop or opening the door for a mum pushing a pram. Go spread kindness like Nutella.
  10. Stop comparing yourself to others. We are all different. Our journeys and passions all vary, and we will ALL have our time to shine. Focus on what makes you happy and do more of that. Simple.
  11. Bonus. Add flowers or a plant, or several to give you life. Literally. (They emit oxygen).

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10 Small Ways To Improve Your Life Forever - Honest Mum


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