Happy Christmas!

Hey lovely readers, just a little message to say a HUGE BIG thank you to every one of you who takes the time to read my blog and comment on my posts, it really means so much to me! Mwah and mwah! (I'm continental so both cheeks!)
peter and I

Tall for a Greek Girl…

Taken a few years ago (look we're nearly the same height... when I wear 5 inch heels)...see I am tall for a Greek girl! So at 5 foot 5 and 3/4's ( it might be a half in reality, my 3 year old couldn't steady h...
Oliver cute

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day all! ...Since a new man entered my life that cold January two years ago, my heart belongs to him. I still gave my husband Peter a pretty card I made, including the heartfelt words of, "You're the best husband in the world and would be nearly perfect if you managed to put your dirty socks in the wash basket" scribbled lovingly inside.