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50 Life-Enhancing Lessons I’ve Learned in my 30s

I was chatting to a friend tonight about the turning point my 30s proved to be, particularly my late 30s (I’m 38 in November) so I wanted to share 50 short lessons from that time. I’ sure you can relate to the below or have lessons of your own to share. I’d love to read them.

50 lessons in my 30s

1. Statement (insert jumpers, earrings, hats) will lift your mood.

2. Don’t be scared of failure. Mistakes and wrong turns will teach you more than success ever will.

3. Nothing beats face-to-face contact and failing that, phone calls.

4. Unconditional love is the sweetest love of all.

5. Find a partner who totally gets and loves you (thank you Peter).

6. Real friends show themselves in times of need. It’s easy as pie to party but harder to be present when someone needs support.

7. Having ‘said’ that, not everything is personal. People have their own shizz going on so don’t always assume the worst.

8. Equally having said that (ha) some people will never change. Stay away from those who blame YOU for the things THEY have done to you.

9. Honesty is (of course) the best policy. Be true to you.

10. Forgive but don’t forget. Don’t be a fool.

11. Dreams CAN come true. No dream is too big. Graft hard, take risks, learn, then learn some more.

12. Push yourself out of your comfort zone in order to grow.

13. Rediscover old passions. In my case picking up a paintbrush again.

14. Teach yourself new tricks. You’re never too old to learn.

15. Children’s laughter is the sweetest sound of all.

16. Turning tech off is vital for the soul.

17. So is turning it on, and connecting with like-minded people. You are not alone.

18. Scrimping on sleep will make you feel sad. Nap when you can.

19. Reaching out for help is a strength not a weakness.

20. Family are also the friends you choose.

21. Remaining dignified in the face of criticism is the best course of action.

22. Pick your battles wisely.

23. If you don’t ask, you won’t get.

24. Being brave inspires others. You are stronger than you know.

25. Sometimes the worst things to happen turn out being the best.

26. Health is wealth. Make self-care, exercise and a good diet a priority.

26. Know yourself and work tirelessly to feel content in your skin. You deserve to love yourself.

27. Think outside of the box.

28. Don’t let naysayers and trolls silence you. Your voice matters.

29. You deserve it all. Fight the imposter syndrome with all your might. Take up space.

30. See as much of the world as you can.

31. Don’t be scared to toot your own horn at times.

32. Spend as much time outdoors as you can, and with animals.

33. Send thank you notes/cards.

34. Give to charity.

35. Pay compliments.

36. Don’t compare. Be grateful for what you’ve got and enjoy the present.

37. Don’t gossip.

38. Don’t stop chasing goals. They keep you motivated.

39. Tell those you love, that you love them as much as possible.

40. Remember people’s names, it matters.

41. Know your limit when it comes to alcohol. Mine is 2 glasses!

42. Always take snacks on trips and carry tissues.

43. Go to the theatre/ opera/ concerts and see live performance. Feed your soul.

44. Spend time by the sea.

45. Eat plants.

46. Look people in the eye.

47. Kiss and cuddle often.

48. Invest in a good mattress, you’ll be spending a lot of your life in bed!

49. Ditto with a sofa (I like to sleep on mine too)!

50. Smile. The world needs a sh*t load more smiles, and love.

Bonus point: Blogging will change your life.


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50 Life-Enhancing Lessons I've Learned in my 30s - Honest Mum


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