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Most people bang on about the fact they abhor speaking on the phone, that they prefer texts, WhatsApp, DMs or anything else which doesn’t require them actually speaking and it makes me sad to be honest, because they’re missing out. Big time.

I love social media, it’s power to connect and also offer a voice to the voiceless is unprecedented but equally it’s made people lazier when it comes to communication and the fallout is a loosening of ties. Look, Twitter and my blog were emotional lifelines to me when I was suffering a traumatic birth and a recipe post I wrote here reunited long-lost relatives of mine from one side of the world to the other but social interaction mustn’t replace interaction full stop. Our digital world is liberating and empowering but it can’t offer us everything. I still feel my MOST connected with others via phone calls, FaceTimes and my all-time favourite: meeting up IRL.

I’m sure we can all agree nothing compares to real time human engagement in person!

Importantly, social media conversations can easily omit tone and emotion (it’s why trolls find it easy to do their worst hidden behind a computer and under the illusion who they are hurting is not real) and it can never match reading facial clues nor the meaningful connections meeting people brings.

It’s why The Creative Women’s Network Maggie and I set up was so successful: meeting, networking and sharing with others started relationships, many which have since been cemented and continue to be.

The telephone is a close-second in my opinion as you can hear someone’s voice and read them far more easily than if you were texting or messaging them on SM plus it’s personal between the two of you not a video or FB Live that is broadcast publicly. It’s a sacred conversation between two people.  I tend to speak to best friend Carlie and my mum most days and it serves to reinforce the strong bond we already have. Actually speaking to someone soothes, supports and entertains. FaceTimes with my other bestie Caroline (usually drunk) are the funniest thing ever. Thank goodness we don’t have video evidence of them, though!

Nothing compares to that instant phone call, especially when things go badly. When SKY News cancelled me 2 seconds before going on air (miked up in the studio), Carlie was the first person I called. Hearing her voice instantly reassured me and we ended up laughing about it all.

The phone is a precious tool.

Take faraway friends. One of my oldest mates Sharmin and I have started speaking regularly despite her living in Amsterdam. We have such a good laugh when we chat, that we’ve promised to keep up with our regular calls as we both enjoy them so much.

The same applies to my honorary ‘Big Sis’ Maria and ‘Little Sis’ Lucy aka Ms Motivator: I can’t imagine our friendships without long phone calls putting the world (and our worlds) to rights, so much so, they’re the backbone of our friendships in fact.

So what does all this mean for those I rarely chat to on the phone or see in real life? Honestly, for the most part, it means I don’t feel as close to them (soz).

There are exceptions to that rule though, very old friends I have history with, or the odd friendship with peeps I might not see for years but meet up with and feel like no time has passed, yes but on the whole, I need and love using my phone for what it was originally intended for: to speak to people I love, ideally planning when we’ll next be meeting up.

Equally, phone calls are great for business too. There’s fewer misunderstanding and it’s easier to brainstorm on the blower or in person…

So if you haven’t called family, friends or even business colleagues in a while, why not try it, you might just remember how much you actually like it!

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Why Social Media Will Never Replace Phone Calls and IRL Meet-Ups

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28 Responses

  1. Andy

    Very well said! Social Media can create some strong foundations for networking, but there really is no substitute for one on one human interaction.

    Great post, keep up the awesome work!

  2. Lisa Pomerantz

    Yeah for actually talking to a person/people! I will never give that up. It may be time-consuming, but it’s real. If it’s more than two sentences, I pick up the phone. #brillblogposts xo

  3. Tinuke

    I’ve just spent 3 hours of my day on 2 phone calls and feel all the better for it! I’m not normally one to use the phone, other to talk to my parents as it’s painfully slow Whats-Apping them!!

  4. Emma Peach

    It’s a bit too easy to become lazy and rely on social media, but it can never replace hearing someone’s voice. My mum is rubbish with texting and doesn’t do the internet, so speaking on the phone is the only way to communicate with her in the long gaps between seeing her.

    Emma xxx

  5. Emma McCarthy

    You’re spot on. I really think it’s so easy to not speak to anybody in person, that to have a human interaction feels like a massive effort! Personally I try and call when I can – or meet up for a coffee with clients. I’m quite a socially anxious person but can end up worrying waiting for an email response from a client so I just give them a call to discuss things instead. As for keeping in touch with family, we’re all on FaceTime! It’s great as the kids can still see grandma and grandad, show them what they’re painting, having for dinner etc. It’s great! #brilliantblogposts

    • Honest Mum

      Hi Emma, never thought of that but you’re right, easier with anxiety to speak to people and we love FaceTime here too xxx

  6. Morgan Prince

    You’re so right Vicki! I received a call from my dad a few days ago and I nearly shrieked when I saw his name on my caller ID. It’s always lovely to hear his voice because I live so far away. 🙂

  7. mummy here and there

    I am not a massive fan of phone calls because I struggle with my social anxiety but my husband much prefer to speak to a human to get things done X #brilliantblogposts

  8. Eb Gargano

    It’s funny…I am really not a fan of the phone. I much prefer real life (the best!) or social media/email etc. if that’s not possible. I think it’s because I find verbal communication really lacking without all the other non-verbal stuff like hand gestures and facial expressions. And somehow even with a video call that doesn’t translate very well. If feels awkward!! Xx

  9. maggy, red ted art

    Oh man, you are so right!!! Speaking on the phone definitely connects you “better” with someone and in the age of social media we (aka I !!) have become so lazy… Must make that call……

  10. Jo Allison / Jo's Kitchen Larder

    Really well put! Phone calls and proper human interaction are quite undervalued in today’s social media obsessed world. Having said that, I have a feeling that many of us still value and treasure the traditional and maybe now old-fashioned means of communicating when it comes to those closest to us so hopefully all is not yet lost 🙂 x

    • Honest Mum

      I love the intimacy that comes with phone calls but also find it’s great in business too, something I forgot to mention here. It’s very productive to speak on the phone and meet with those you work with x

  11. Michelle Frank | Flipped-Out Food

    OMG—you’ve nailed it! And I’m totally guilty: I find that social media lets me curl up inside my comfort zone and become more and more reclusive. I actually know people who have become incapable of speaking to a living person on the phone even to order TAKEOUT. And the other side of the coin is that (some) people say the MEANEST, CRUELEST things while hiding behind their computer screens. We become diminished as humans when our communication is de-humanized. With these things in mind, I do try to get out and meet people IRL and have phone conversations regularly (though it’s still far less than I should).

    • Honest Mum

      So concisely put Michelle, people have become too extreme. I love an IRL meet-up and couldn’t be without phone conversation. Really helps in business too x

  12. jodie filogomo

    It’s totally the emotion that gets missed with written communication. And as much as it can be more convenient, the phone just can’t be replaced. (although there are days, I wish it would…ha ha)

  13. Chloe

    Hi, it is very true we sometimes underestimate the power of a good old fashioned phone call. Yes social media and exits are great but sometimes you just need to speak directly with someone especially a friend #brillblogposts


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