Creative Women's Network

The First Creative Women’s Networking Event at The Wellington

The Creative Women's Network

‘Creative women amplifying the voices of their peers. Why has no one done this before?’ – Bestselling author Kate Reardon.


‘Creative Women is a collective of inspiring, multi talented, life-driven biz babes, each with a skill to share & story to tell! If you’re looking for a tribe, this is it!’ – KellyAnn Schiavo.


‘I love being part of the Creative Women tribe! The sisterhood of the Creative Women event filled the room and brought together such an inspiring group of women, all looking to connect. If you want to surround yourself with women that lift you up, this is the place’. – Angelique Panagos.


‘Never before have I stepped into a room and felt instantly comfortable and accepted! Attending the Creative Women’s Network has given me the boost I needed. I now feel supported and know I have other women to turn to who really want to help each other! I am over the moon to be part of this group!’-Joanne Szczyglowski.


‘I’ve battled a serious case of the ‘Blog Blahs’ since the new year, but literally came bouncing out of the Creative Women workshop inspired, motivated and overflowing with ideas!’ Jacqui Paterson


‘What a fantastic meeting of talented minds, creating a ripple effect that travelled through everyone, full of vibrancy, enthusiasm and inspiration. A collective and supportive group spanning all ages and backgrounds with the main goal to help each other with their creative journey’-Melita Kyle.


These are just a some of the touching comments my collaborator Maggy Woodley of Red Ted Art and I received in response to our first Creative Women’s Network event held last Saturday at The Wellington gastro pub in Fulham, London.

The Wellington Pub

The Wellington Pub

The Wellington Pub

Kindly sponsored by entrepreneurial IT and app developer, and owner of the gastro pub Maria Khait, Maggy and I brought together an intimate group of brilliant women working in the arts to share, meaningfully connect and network with one another.

Stephanie Nimmo, Vicki Psarias and Maggy Woodley

Creating a safe space to inspire, learn and support from one another, Maggy and I joined forces to form a new platform for entrepreneurial women to share their expertise and work together.

Creative Women's Network

Creative Women's Network

And just look at the food and drink!





finger food


The Wellington Pub

The women in this community come from a variety of creative backgrounds but all have something in common and something to give-we all have ways to support one another, and we all can learn from each other too. Each community member matters and there will be regular events throughout the year and beyond so fear not if you missed the first one, this is just the start!

It was also incredibly moving to see my former lecturer Jacqui from Goldsmiths, University of London who I hadn’t seen for too many years to count!

The Creative Women's Network

Events will see Maggy and I along with panels of experts and speakers covering different entrepreneurial topics to help meet the needs of our community.

On the day we kicked off with our mission statement as above and lots of Prosecco of course along with an intro to the wonderful Maria Khait, owner of the pub and tech entrepreneur herself, whose staff later served healthy and delicious nibbles throughout the afternoon.

Before the speeches commenced Maggy and I asked every woman in attendance to take to the mike to introduce themselves and their work inspiring meaningful networking later on in the day. Living up to my mumboss name, my kids played in the corner whilst I did my thing and Peter, my husband snapped photos of us all!


We were then privileged to hear Stephanie Nimmo, author of This Wasn’t In the Plan share her own moving story and grave loss of her husband Andy and daughter Daisy but a year apart. Stephanie is now dedicated to spending her time encouraging people to have open conversations about death and dying in order to make the most of their finite lives. To find resilience as she has. Steph also campaigns for improvements in Children’s Palliative Care and shares her story to show, as Andy always said, that it’s not the cards you are dealt in life, it’s how you play them.

Stephanie Nimmo

Maggy and I also candidly shared our own creative journeys during the event, describing how we run our businesses and earn from these self-made brands, in a bid to inspire and inform others. A Q & A followed and we ended on a vital exercise, first introduced to me by my friend and collaborator Jessica Huie MBE at one of our first Passion Into Pounds events.  This exercise sees someone stating what they are currently seeking from someone else and what they can provide in exchange for that help. Eg. Someone might be seeking social media support and in return can offer a nutritional programme or a bespoke dress as they are a designer…

Again it proved incredibly fruitful with many women pledging to support another once the event had ended. We provided the space to start the conversion.

And the result of the 3 hours there. Well, frankly it was all rather magical to be honest.

We collectively laughed, cried and learnt from one another while discovering new comrades as we went.

It was real, vital and true. You can’t ask for more than that?

We literally can’t wait for the next one!

Below are some of exceptionally talented Melita of Melita Kyle Photography‘s snaps of the day too. My husband Peter’s are above. Thanks too to Lauren of Wardrobe Doc for styling me like the mumboss that I am for the day!

Women networking

Maggy Woodley

Thank you to everyone who came and made it a success.

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The First Creative Women's Networking Event at The Wellington

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