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My 5 Blogging & Vlogging Highlights

As my book publishing date approaches (May 3rd guys-EEK!), I wanted to share my 5 blogging highlights of the last 7+ years with you as I know many of my readers, followers and even friends are considering starting up a blog right now, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Blogging offers you a longer-form platform to share your voice and passions with a quickly-growing global audience. Not only can it provide you with a form of artistic therapy and a means to connect with like-minded individuals and make new friends, it can become a prosperous career which works around your family, offering you flexibility and power in the workforce. It’s crazy that just a decade ago, this career didn’t even exist.

Below I share my 5 highlights not to gloat (not how I roll) but to hopefully inspire you to buy a domain name today!

  1. My blog makes my family and I, happy. Simple but true and nothing beats the joy my blog has brought to my whole family from amazing trips abroad (we are just back from Estapona) to watching West End shows and enjoying meals spanning Michelin-starred fare to the kids’ favourite, McDonalds as I went behind the scenes on a campaign to make a Big Mac! Watching my kids grow in confidence (cooking with Jamie Oliver will do that to a kid) endlessly lapping up the fun the blog has brought us all, is my number one highlight.
  2. Friends. I have made so many life-long friends thanks to this blog, I would need days to list everyone here. I started Honest Mum broken and insecure after a traumatic birth but the women and men I met on this digital journey helped to rebuild me, providing love and laughter on the way. My closest blogging pals all appear in my book #Mumboss too which leads me to number 3.
  3. A book deal. A life-highlight, my blog was the reason Piatkus/ Little Brown/ Hachette offered me a book deal aka my third baby with Mumboss-The Honest Mum’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving at Work and at Home which is out on May 3rd 2018. I also recorded an audio book which was another once-in-a-lifetime experience I loved, although I do hope I get to do all of the above many times in my lifetime please! Seriously though, the commitment it took for me to write 63,000 words (sharing my story and all I know about blogging and vlogging) and during some of the most traumatic times personally last year, showed me strength I didn’t know I had.
  4. This blog is mine, my own creative space. Any time I want to publish, I can. The freedom and endless inspiration borne from blogging and vlogging (I was a former TV director) and consistently working those creative muscles every day, makes for one heck of a stimulating career, and one which knows no bounds either. One day I could be shooting a video, another, writing posts or my book, or modelling for a campaign or even presenting something on telly. I’m a typical Monkey in the Chinese New Year so I need variety to keep engaged. My favourite feature is Wonderful Women where I interview inspiring ladies, and to have attended a Q & A with my hero Oprah recently blew my little mind.
  5. Working with brands I love. Cheesy but true. To work and also write for publications I’ve admired since I was young is a dream come true for me. Again, there are many to list here but to think just over 7 years ago I started writing from my kitchen table without any expectations from my blog (I didn’t even know it could become a job at that point as I was one of the first bloggers in the UK), and just a few years later, pivoting to become a full time blogger working on campaigns working for global brands, and even making blogging history representing an airline, is something to tell the grandkids! What a whirlwind!

So if you’re thinking of starting a blog, please don’t delay.

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My 5 Blogging & Vlogging Highlights - Honest Mum


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