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Recording My Mumboss Audio Book

Last week saw me put on my best Mariah impression and hit the studio at ID Audio for three full days of recording my audio book Mumboss.

For those here for the first time, one: HI! WHERE’VE YOU BEEN HUN? and two, my book Mumboss-The Honest Mum’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving At Work and At Home is out on May 3rd and now, so is my audio book! Whoop, whoop *booty shaking all over the internet in celebration!

Even more excitingly, if you join Audible for the first time ever (again, where’ve you been?) you get your first book (hopefully you plump for mine) absolutely FREE! What you waiting for?!

I know my Dad will opt for my audio version as he likes to listen while driving or even going for a run and rarely has a minute to sit down and read. My former Lecturer mum however gets through a whopping 4 books a week so she’ll definitely be reading my paperback!

Which do you prefer?

Now, back to the behind-the-scenes of recording my audio book.

I hand-on-heart loved every single minute in that tiny sound-proofed room, so much so, I’m feeling emotionally writing this post.

I channelled my friend, renowned actress Harriet Thorpe as I imbued my words with emotion, and projected where I needed to, giving it ‘ all I got’ so hopefully you’ll feel I’m right there with you reading when you take a listen!  Now that’s the weirdest sentence I’ve ever written!

Patch (short for Patrick), who was my producer for the reading and owns the epic sound studios (all three floors of them) at ID Audio is one of the coolest human beings I’ve been lucky enough to work with!

I hope you’re reading this Patch because your talent and kindness will never be forgotten, you are such a diamond.

I feel so grateful that we clicked from the get-to and that the whole experience was such a fun one as I arrived nervous and uncertain of what lay ahead.

I’m really missing our banter (especially hearing about all the AListers who’ve recorded in that same room I have) and long lunches in the babe that is Queens Park-think Champs-Élysées meets Notting Hill and of course I’m missing the entire experience, the change to my routine, in me doing something completely different that I discovered I truly loved: speaking. Who knew? OK you ALL knew because I never shut up but what an experience!

I just want to do it all again.

My close friend, the ever-wise and brilliant Uju of Babes About Town came up with a genius idea if write another book book two: that I work in the reverse and record it orally as an audio version first, then get someone to transcribe it. I think she’s on to something, people!

What an emotional few days.

Re-reading a book I wrote months ago and re-living a traumatic birth and my journey from director to mother, to blogger and vlogger brought me to tears at many points (although you won’t know it as I re-recorded any frogs in the throat) but wow get ready for quite the ride.

Voicing the inspiring contributors’ words too also re-inspired me and strengthened my own armour, as I embark on this new chapter (literally) in both my career and life.

The book and audio recording is packed-full of advice on everything you need to start up a new business or return to work with confidence and I can’t wait to get my third baby out into the world, hopefully inspires many mumbosses in its wake!

When we finished the book recording, I was whisked off to Audible for press interviews and a video which was a fascinating look into the world of audio.

What a whirlwind.

Some days feel so cray I’m not even sure that this is my life. Me. But it is and I’m never going to take a second of it for granted. Sorry but true af.

I’ve cried a few tears writing this post because sometimes, sometimes dreams do come true.

Please do consider pre ordering my Mumboss audio book, it would make me super-happy!

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Recording My Mumboss Audio Book



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