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Honest Mum goes behind the scenes at McDonald's

It’s not every day that you get the chance to go behind-the-scenes at McDonald’s but that’s exactly what happened to me last week (because, #bloggerlife)! Heading over to the York city centre branch of my favourite fast food restaurant, I was able to discover more about the store’s digital make-over (which fyi is amazing) and I even tried my hand at a shift, rustling up a Big Mac.

I won’t lie, I felt a teeny bit like Beyoncé when part of the restaurant was closed off for myself and a small crew enabling us to film there (I got to interview franchisee John Atherton) as well and see for myself how the restaurant’s digitisation makes life 180053436 x easier for customers, particularly parents dining with kids in tow.

Check out the video I featured in and directed below.

Now you guys know that I’m always honest (obvs) and that’s what you get here-candid words you can trust so I’ll be real and say whilst I love a Michelin starred fare with the best of them, I also love a Maccy D’s from time to time, as do my kids.

A Big Mac and chocolate milkshake really hits the spot, right?! and whilst my family and I don’t eat it McDonald’s every day (that would just be cray), we do enjoy a meal there every so often as I’m sure you do too.

Whats more, now that you can swap fries for carrots and fruit bags, there really is no need to feel guilty about giving your kids a Happy Meal now and again.

The quality of the ingredients might just surprise you too so read on..

McDonald's food

McDonald’s UK have lowered salt across much of the menu and only use whole cuts of 100% beef from the forequarter and flank to their burgers, with just a pinch of salt and pepper added after cooking.

From farm to restaurant counter, literally nothing else is added to the burgers we all love so much.

McDonald’s is also incredibly proud of the 16,000 plus British and Irish farmers who supply the beef on their UK menu, all of which are approved by a nationally recognised farm assurance scheme, such as Red Tractor too.

They also only ever use chicken breast meat across their entire chicken range and they won’t work with anyone who doesn’t adhere to their own high standards of animal welfare, as well as those required by UK and EU legislation.

The eggs are all free range, and the milk in the tea, coffee, porridge and served with their Happy Meals is organic.

Impressive huh?!

When it comes to interiors, each restaurant has moved with the times offering a light, bright, modern and incredibly slick decor inside.

The York branch has statement walls, tech on each table and oh-so comfy seating.

As I mentioned, McDonald’s UK has put digital tech at the heart of the whole experience when you eat there, from ordering via their new touch screen kiosks to offering wireless charging points for smart phones and providing tablets to customers to use whether they’re a young family playing games (we love Granny Smith) or someone wanting to check their email, they’ve got you covered!

McDonald’s UK have even got an app so you can order from your phone and McDelivery means you don’t even need to leave your house to eat.

Talk about a digital revolution!

I was majorly impressed by their new digital kiosks as customers are now offered a whole new experience when choosing and ordering food. You can browse the entire menu, checking out the nutritional information as well as being able to save time paying with contactless cards. Whilst table service isn’t currently offered in this York city centre branch, it is available elsewhere and really does helps make life easier to order and dine with young families.   

McDonald's kiosk

Additionally, if you want to explore the menu by calorie, the kiosks make it easy for you to do so. 

Now going into the kitchen, I can report that all burgers and wraps are freshly prepared and made to order and everything you choose can be personalised whether you want to lose the bun or make food swaps for your family.

I loved making myself a Big Mac live on Facebook, and again for the vlog you can see here. I became quite the pro by the end of the shoot and had a lot of fun to boot!

So here’s how you make a Big Mac.

The bun has three parts which are toasted…

Honest Mum makes a Big Mac

Honest Mum makes a Big Mac

Honest Mum makes a Big Mac

Then you choose the correct box…

Honest Mum makes a Big Mac

Now, lay down the bun, squeeze the Big Mac (secret) sauce over with two pumps…

Honest Mum makes a Big Mac (Big Mac Sauce)

Sprinkle the onions

Honest Mum makes a Big Mac

Add the lettuce…

Honest Mum makes a Big Mac

And the gherkins which I was advised should be kissing so when you bite the burger you get a bite of gherkin too. There’s a science behind the delicious feast that is a Big Mac don’t you know…

Honest Mum makes a Big Mac

Then it’s cheese time

Honest Mum makes a Big Mac

And a tower of burgers…

Honest Mum makes a Big Mac

Honest Mum makes a Big Mac

How to make a Big Mac

With the bun on the top.


Honest Mum makes a Big Mac

Woohoo, I made a Big Mac and it tasted amazing! *Proud face

Honest Mum goes behind the scenes at McDonald's

After the classic Big Mac, my latest fave at McDonald’s has to be The Signature Collection, a new permanent addition to the menu which honesty blew me away.

There are currently three burgers in the range – Classic, BBQ & Spicy and each consist of the thickest McDonald’s patty worldwide nestled in quality ingredients that will make you taste buds do a little happy dance.

The Signature Collection at McDonald's

Each of the three Signature Collection flavours features a 100% British and Irish beef patty, surrounded by select ingredients including Beechwood smoked bacon, Jalapeño slices, new sauces and cheeses, as well as Batavia lettuce and red onion; all in a Brioche style bun. Epic. 

The Signature Collection at McDonald's

Signature Collection-McDonald's

Signature Collection burger

burger in brioche bun at McDonald's

I might have eaten two!

What a day!

I loved my time at McDonald’s and was simply buzzing when I left. I learnt a lot about the ethos and quality of this global brand and I witnessed a real love and pride for McDonald’s, from all of the staff there.

I won’t forget my day there and was even allowed to take the uniform home with me, as a memento.

I literally dreamt about Big Macs that night.

This is a sponsored campaign but all thoughts are honest, as always.

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A Tour of McDonald's & How to Make a Big Mac

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28 Responses

  1. Moonsparkle (ZM)

    Looks like a fun visit! My favourite is Chicken Selects but I like cheeseburgers as well. We just got the Signature Collection in my area and the Classic burger is nice.

  2. Mrs T

    What a fantastic opportunity right there! I do love a big Mac haven’t had one in a while and now I’m dreaming of one! Great linky xx

  3. Chloe

    Wow it’s a wonder you ever maintain that size 8/10 figure piling away the Maccy Ds? I actually hate the ‘digital’ aspect of the new restaurants. Call me old fashioned but I like to order my food from a human not by touchscreen. And the tablet at the table thing for kids is a disgusting habit. Who on earth lets there kids play on a screen while eating? Most antisocial thing I’ve ever seen.

  4. Babes about Town

    Hehe I loved watching your Facebook Live behind the scenes at McDonald’s, what a cool and unexpected thing to do – blogging is the best! We do enjoy a cheeky Maccy D’s too although I’m a Quarter Pounder with Cheese gal myself. I think it’s fab how they keep upping their game, and even that you can now get McDelivery! And now I’m hungry 😉 x

    • Honest Mum

      Ha I was hungry writing this too. Next time we meet up, let’s head to McDonald’s. It was great fun going behind-the-scenes. I was so impressed x

  5. Jacqui Paterson

    I’m actually quite jealous – Big Macs are my dietary Achilles heel! Although I’m not sure I could have done this, as I would have spent the whole time stuffing my face, haha! We love the new digital self-ordering system and use it whenever we make a Maccy’s run. x PS: did you nick me a tube of special sauce?!? 😉

    • Honest Mum

      Haha no tubes came home with me sadly! The digital makeover is brilliant isn’t it. Keep feeling hungry returning to the post to reply to comments xx

  6. Chloe

    Hi, What a fab opportunity. I very rarely eat there and if I do the new electronic systems are no good for me as you still have to put a special dietary request in person #BrilliantBlogPosts

  7. Laurie

    Interesting behind the scenes view. There’s only one thing that I can eat in Mcdonalds and that’s the ice cream! 🙁

  8. Susan Mann

    That looks really interesting. I had never really thought about how they are made. The delivery service sounds fab. Great photos xx #brillblogposts

  9. Becca Farrelly

    How fab to go in a try making a burger yourself! I was never keen on McDonalds I have to say but since having Mia, we do take her about once a month as she loves her happy meals! I had heard about the new signature burgers but couldn’t find them last week so when we go again next time, I will have to look again as I really fancy trying them and I always have a Big Mac! 🙂


  10. Eb Gargano | Easy Peasy Foodie

    Wow – MacDonalds has changed a bit since I last went…maybe I should give it a try again! I love that the eggs are free range and the milk organic, that sort of thing matters to me, and I must day I didn’t know that they had such high standards. Loved looking at the pics of you making a Big Mac too – looked lots of fun! Must have been totally fascinating to go behind the scenes!! Eb x

  11. Emma T

    I’m a Vanilla milkshake fan although haven’t had one for years. I do quite like a McDonalds – I should be telling my beef farmer OH about the ethics and red tractor beef, because he always slates it but I’ve been saying for years, they only use British/Irish beef.

    We did get to use the digitalisation order points in Swansea last week on hols. Very good to be able to see the menu and remove the gherkins! Great for kids who won’t just pick them out (and much better for avoiding food waste if you get just what you want). They do have the table delivery service too which is weird but cool

  12. Lucy At Home

    Hehe my hubby used to work in that McDonalds when he was a student! I love their chocolate milkshakes too but I prefer the McChicken Sandwich. I didn’t know they had a delivery service, though! How exciting! #brillblogposts

  13. Tin

    Oh I’m green with envy Vicki! I’ve always wanted to take a peek behind the scenes. You made Big Mac making look extremely glamorous, it was fun to watch. Love how digital it is in their restaurants now!

  14. Clare

    What fun!
    In my day job I work supplying ingredients to McD’s – standards are VERY high
    What a blast! I want to make a BIG MAC lol Cx


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