I literally can’t believe my baby boy, Xander turned 3 on Sunday, my charming, loveable, second born son is simply growing up too quickly and I’d like it to stop, STOP I tell you- I want him to remain my baby always, and I suppose he always will be just that, my littlest, youngest love.



AlexandercuteInevitably now with two kids more independent than newborns (Oliver turns 6 in January) I’m missing those often, painfully tiring baby days, that all round-neediness and love of tiny people.

I know.

What is wrong with we women?

We reach new milestones and start to regain our freedom again just for the broodiness to set in once again. Madness!

This seems like yesterday!


There definitely won’t be any more babies any time soon that’s for sure (and breathe darling husband Peter who might well be reading this)-but it’s inevitable that as your family grows, you mourn a part of you that’s gone too.

In many ways Xander loves being the ‘baby’ of the house, although he won’t be the youngest in the family soon, as my brother Solos and his fiancée Lucy are expecting a baby in December.

When Alexander was *actually a baby!


For now though, Xander seems to enjoy pretending to be a baby, ‘I can’t reach my book Mummy because I’m a baby’- equally he’s mature for his age, has a vast vocabulary for a 3 year old, can write his name ‘Alexander’ in full too- and one strong little boy (thanks to Oliver’s indirect boot camp style training via all the toy-related tussles they have on daily basis).

And other days they play together, the best of friends-

(Below taken on the morning of his birthday at his favourite park)

swings portrait

Striped Tee bought from my great friend Nomita’s Ebabee Shop.


…Alexander is certainly one fearless, creative, football star in the making (he could dribble at 10 months old and not just from his mouth).

A foodie whose favourite snacks include avos and coconut (we’ve nicknamed him Gwynnie), he a dino-mad, biscuit baking, gardening lover, 3 year old mummy’s boy that makes my world go around.

kids with chopsticks kid watering flowers


cool kidHe’s a comedy genius too. Not bad for a 3 year old.

Last night, he asked me to breastfeed his plastic dinosaurs because they were hungry. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write! Feeding time at Jurassic Park. The joys of motherhood huh.

Moody, stubborn, free-spirited too, he’s a boy who loves the camera (cough, not sure who he gets that from)-and makes this family immeasurably and unspeakably happy every single day.

Here are some recent snaps from a day in Ilkley, my home town, both boys free as birds, playing, eating and splashing in the river. Perfect childhood days-


playing swing eating river splashing river rock throwing pebbles river river rocks throwing pebbles watching the river kids river 3 year old river bird feather duck

I love the little glint in his eye, that cheeky smile, that honey blossom smell both my sons possess. It’s intoxicating being a Mum, it really is.


So to celebrate his special day, Sunday saw us having a little family party at one of my family’s restaurants The Olive Tree for divine Greek food (Alexander scoffed prawns with chilli-told you he’s a foodie) and both boys delighted in their huge party bags c/o of Grandma and Grandad, with more presents of board games, paints, dinosaur toys and books (so lucky), with Xander basking in the attention and great love of those who mean the most to him.



We. Are. Family.

Here with Solos, my brother, his fiancée Lucy and Oliver and Xander.



prawns with chilli fishMy other Mummy’s boy!


And a lollipop treat for the birthday boy!


..I did contemplate a party with his friends from nursery but decided a smaller gathering would be best this year, he was rather overwhelmed at a recent friend’s birthday party, so it seemed wise.

Oliver, my first born always had fairly big parties from the age of 1, but we’ve kept Xander’s low key thus far (Ibiza next year though right X?)

With a gifted local cake maker Andrea baking up this Minion masterpiece, Alexander was so captivated by it, he forbid us to cut it.

It’s now sat in our kitchen patiently waiting to be eaten.

Minion cake

It might be waiting a while. Christmas minion cake anyone?

…As we sang Happy Birthday, Xander shouted over us, that it wasn’t his birthday after all and he’s staying 2, not 3. ‘I’m 2, I’m 2’ he whines.

Which suits this Mummy just fine.

As Gru in Despicable 2 sweetly says to Agnes, kissing her goodnight, ‘Never get older’, I feel the same way about my own ‘baby’.

Never get older Xander, my love, my sunshine, my darling son x

11952715_10156057575010607_2341281444304445914_o (1)


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16 Responses

  1. Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    Happy Birthday Xander! I love that he wants to stay 2! I wish I could turn back time, although the kids were more work physically when they were little, now that they are older it is so much harder mentally and emotionally. You have such a lovely family. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. Babes about Town

    Aww my baby. It’s gone so fast, I can’t believe he’s 3 at all – like whaaaa…??! Little beauty. That dino breastfeeding still cracks me up, but I remember Mr E sitting feeding his teddy while I fed Jed (don’t mention it when you see him next ok lol?). He will always be your baby, especially as number two. Until the next one comes along, you already know I see you with an entire brood of beautiful bambinos. Happy birthday again xoxo

    • Honest Mum

      Haha you always say this girl and it scares me! Would love a whole little brood one day. Aw I won’t mention it but how cute is that, we are so lucky to have our beautiful boys, need to see you all soon xxx

  3. Arthurwears

    Lovely photos and great to find out you are a fellow ‘ilkley’ mum – made reading this so much more enjoyable being able to recognise the places you mention X #brilliantblogposts

  4. Carol Peace

    Happy birthday (late) to your lovely son. You know they will always be your babies no matter what age. My youngest is 26 and just announced he is getting married next July and my other son was married this year at 36. My girls 32 and 37 are settled with children of their own. I find that boys don’t really grow up they just get older.

  5. Mirka Moore @Kahanka @Fitness4Mamas

    Happy 3rd birthday ALEXANDER, my gorgeous boy! So pleased we managed to see you all at the end of school holidays. Just look at him, so grown up! Love seeing all the photos, that way I feel like I am there with you guys. And look at glowing Lucy next to your brother. I bet he loved the cake, looks great. I agree with you on parties, I did the same for Isabelle, parties since she was 1 year old, but Olivia had only a small family one for her 3rd birthday, and she loved it. I have to laugh when Alexander said he was 2, not 3! olivia claims she is 8!!!! Sending lots of love and a special xxx to the birthday boy!

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks sweetie, your little son had a lovely day. I love that Olivia tells everyone she’s 8, aw my gorgeous little girls, can’t wait to see you again soon, hope it’s not too long. Lucy is glowing isn’t she, new baby will be here in no time, roll on December xx

  6. El

    Happy 3rd birthday Alexander! Such gorgeous pictures! It is a milestone – a whole new chapter of fun and adventure awaits!

  7. Ebabee

    What a beautiful post and what an incredibly beautiful boy Xander is. Seriously, how fast do these kids grow? I can’t quite believe A will be 7 this year! Three is a milestone age as it’s kind of the end of the toddlerhood phase which is sad but yet so much more to come. Even though I miss the baby days, each phase brings with it so much joy and fascination. One day soon before we know it, they will be teenagers. Eek! Thank you so much for the mention of the tee – it looks so good on Oliver. You and he both really rock red! xx

    • Honest Mum

      Oh hun your words brought the hairs on my arms on end, you are so right, each chapter brings with it new joys and challenges. I can’t believe gorgeous Anya will be 7, time is flying! We love the top darling, both of them, utterly beautiful xx


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