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Here I am with my cousin Georgia, not long after Alexander was born.

wine and dinner

Photo by Stefan Johnson on Unsplash

This is more a reminder for myself -now that my hospital bag checklist is written up (and about to be packed) I started thinking about the necessities I’ll need post baby-the vitamins and remedies below were total emotional life savers when I had Oliver and I’m hoping they work their magic again this time round. Remember I’m not a Dr so please ask yours or your midwife before taking anything.

A bright lipstick

See above-oh and lots of concealer to give you the confidence to face the world!

Rescue Remedy

What would I do without this magic concoction of flower remedies which soothe, calm and make the world a better place. On limited sleep and crazy hormonal rollercoaster rides, a few sprays of this elixir really helped me.  It also got me through my driving test years back, A levels, a degree, an MA, work and birth.

Evening Primrose Oil & Vitamin B6

I adore these supplements-before and after a baby- they truly settled my hormones and made me feel human again. You can also crack Evening Primrose capsules open if you find swallowing tablets hard. Recommended to me by my GP after Oliver, I waited until he was 10 months old to start the combo but I wish I’d started sooner. I won’t be making the same mistake again. Do ask your midwife/Dr to advise you on this as evening primrose should not be taken pregnant and needs consultation if breastfeeding. Do not take more than 10mg Vit B6 a day too as could be dangerous.

Camomile Tea

If I could get this on a drip I would-a required taste: yes but totally calming and tasty with honey. Helps at stressful times and can help induce sleep.


If my new born baby is as colicky as Oliver was, he will be straight in with a cranial osteopath who will hopefully help him, as he did with many of my friends’ babies. My toddler benefited from sessions with an osteopath to help his ear infections too so I am a real fan of complementary medicine.


I’ll be requesting an iron test once baby is here as I’m already anaemic and will need to see if my levels need supplementing post birth too.


From family and friends, I’ll be accepting as much help as is thrown at me. Resting and being a healthy Mamma means you can be the best Mum to baby too.

Eating Healthily

Eating a healthy, tasty balanced diet with a few treats for sanity’s sake will keep my blood sugar stable and will aid sleep deprivation and everything else.


A glass here and there, enjoying wine again in moderation.


Yep that one’s a joke.


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  1. Notmyyearoff

    Love this list. I took multivitamins but that’s about it. I think next time I will remember these. Sleep would be amazing wouldn’t it?

  2. Bod for tea

    Great post and one I’ll bookmark for later on including the link to the hospital bag checklist – very useful! I used Rescue Remedy when I was doing my A Levels too 😀


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