Pregnancy means missing out on a few of those much loved luxuries: wine, champagne, soft cheese, liver (yes really, I adore it) so I’ve compiled a list of things I’ll be relishing on once baby is here! Enjoy!

1. Vino

I love a full bodied red or some sparkling prosecco and have really missed a glass or two in the sunshine this year. We’ve got some Bolly and my favourite Laurent Perrier Rose waiting (1 for the husband and 5 for me) along with lots of world beers, for the day of the birth so here comes the countdown. Cheers!

2. Cheese

A great lover of cheese, I always struggle sans the sticky kind during pregnancy and can be found down supermarket aisles smelling Stilton. I literally CANNOT wait to smother crackers with unpasteurized beauties from soft goat’s cheese to runny brie and stinking bishop-bring it!

3.  Rare steak

Love my steak a little pink so along with the brie, there will be rare cooked red meat and lots of it. Yum.

4.  Sushi

This one has been a toughie so I’m salivating at the thought of raw fish. As delicious as veggie sushi is, I need my tuna and salmon sashimi.

5. Finally, chicken liver pate.

I’m hoping my hospital might be kind enough to put this on their NHS menu. One can dream right?

So what do you miss about being up the duff?



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14 Responses

  1. Deborabora

    I’ve been a lot more relaxed this pg than the first but most of the above I will miss. I’ve treated myself to blue cheese sauce to make up for the no cheese as it is fine cooked and I’ve settled for medium steak but have desperately missed rare.

    I hate to tell you this when you’ve been avoiding it but you can eat sushi, salmon and shellfish…here are the guidelines (see sushi from shops & restaurants section). I can’t believe I avoided smoked salmon for christmas brekkie then found out about Arpil time that I could eat it.

    I’m still craving Sushi as just not got round to eating it despite knowing I am allowed – the opportunity has arisen!

  2. sharcasm

    Wow, I can almost taste these things, very tantalising post and i’m nog even preggers. Maybe you should have a big food feast with all of the above at the same time after you give birth 😉 x

  3. I Am Into This

    Runny eggs! And definitely yes to rare meat and red wine. Also, I miss being able to lie on my front – I’m desperate to lie on my tummy and can’t wait til I can! Weird huh?!

  4. Molly @ Mother's Always Right

    I missed all of the above. My first day back from hospital saw me enjoying a glass of champers, eating a bagel smothered in cream cheese and smoked salmon, followed by stilton on crackers and chicken liver pate on toast. Yum!


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