Chanel make up

Embracing DIY Beauty More

Chanel make up

Call it DIY beauty or more aptly, outright laziness bahaha, or just being a busy bee (!) but I’ve become a lot more low maintenance lately and I kinda love it so I thought I’d write about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than a glam squad sesh pre-TV or polished shoot because make-up is most definitely armour as Nigella famously stated and a full-on face definitely gives me a confidence boost in which to face the cameras however slowly but surely over the last year, I’ve felt  happier in my skin, literally. I’ve adopted a no or less make up approach to my day-to-day life over the last few few months (spurred on by compliments on social media where I’ve gone without or less make up) with many telling me how much younger I look without the lashes etc and busyness has meant saving some time missing a makeover here and there has helped to make it to school on time.

It’s also been a case of ‘the more you do something, the easier and more natural it feels’ too. Going barefaced was undoubtedly odd to start with (I wanted to hide) but I’ve become more comfortable doing the school-run or nipping to the supermarket without it and I’d recommend giving it a whirl. It can feel quite liberating.

Less make-up has also meant fewer products and plastic (hello to helping the environment) while saving more pennies and time, too. I’ve relished in rediscovering favourite lipsticks and eye shadows I’d long forgotten about in lieu of new must-haves rocking red lips most of Christmas over my usual nudes or violet tones. I know the contours of my face like the back of my hand, or, erm, my face (!) so a barely there make up look can take just minutes…

I do admittedly still get my brows threaded at a salon when I’m patient enough to let them grow a little and still enjoy the odd pedi but I tend to do my own nails, rejecting gel as I found it dried out my talons and stunted their growth (I wrote about that here) and I’ve also spent the last 6 months dying my small but stubborn grey patch over sitting in the hairdressers chair for lengthy colour treatments. I started going grey at 15 so am surprised I don’t have more strands than I do but home kits can offer me coverage for up to 8 weeks at a time so yes to that.

I absolutely lap up a professional blow-dry/ styling because it can be quick in the right hands but despite the many kind offers from well known hairdressers to colour my hair complimentary, I’ve declined, opting for a home kit instead which takes me just 30 minutes and means I can jump in and out of the shower at home, leaving me more time with the family even while the colour is on!

I also swerve cutting my hair now after an Edward Scizzorhands experience about a year ago and forgoing ‘cutting the ends’ has finally got it almost back to its longer length (still not as Rapunzel-esque as before but I’m working on it) so will only ever have the teeniest amount snipped when I do next pop to the hairdressers…

The last 6 months pre Christmas jollies in Prague and the Cotswolds were absolutely bonkers with regular TV appearances, deadlines, campaigns and a full-time taxi driving job for the kids. My diary was so packed, the thought of planning a trip to the beauticians or hairdressers for anything more than an hour, felt overwhelming so I simply didn’t commit.

That doesn’t mean I won’t go back to professional hair-dying at some point or a mani before a special occasion, but now with more sophisticated DIY beauty products and tools than ever, it’s never been easier to be lazy. I mean busy. Ha.

Do you dye your own hair and do your own nails, I’d love to know?

DIY Beauty


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