naturally long nails

How to Get Strong, Long Nails Naturally

naturally long nails

The last time I shared my dislike for gel polish on the blog and over on social media, I was met with a slew of angry emails and disparaging comments from nail technicians (eek) but you know me, I deserve an OBE for services to honesty and while this piece might well rile more people up, I simply want to share what works for me here- ‘me’-being the operative word.

Also, disclaimer, I have friends whose nails are stronger than ever thanks to gel polish and others whose snapped from day one. Horses for courses.

We’re all different, right, and in my case, my nails weep with gels (and took 9 months to recover from acrylics) so I’m waving it goodbye!

Let me offer a little context.

I admittedly got into the cycle of gel over-use on my nails, intoxicated by the offer of every colour in the rainbow and then some (can we just reflect on the task of  choosing a colour when we’re given 20 variants on every single shade) and it was after experiencing thin, SUPER FRAGILISIST (not in a good way) nails, some which would also painfully break, persuading me to go cold turkey on gel colour.

The break did me good (as with most breaks) and while I went bare nailed, I did start using ‘normal’ polish again, despite it feeling like I’d time travelled back to 99, painting my talons watching Friends on repeat.

And guess what? I loved using standard polish plus the results kept me away from the temptation of gel. Very quickly, my tarnished nails improved in strength and started to grow and here we are today: naturally long nails but not too long that this post took three hours to write LOOOONG.

I even made the Instagram Husband Peter take a snap of my nails, which is easier than asking him to shoot my face with my demands for a hundred retakes.

When I popped in for a standard manicure at a salon near my kids’ school recently (hello blue nails- I think by OPI), the technician suprisingly applauded my gel break, advocating that taking several weeks off from ALL polish at a time, gel or otherwise, is usually advised as polish absorbs moisture and leaves your nails vulnerable to breaking.

I asked if I was the first person in a long time to ask for a ‘normal mani’ but I’m not. She said she does regular manis and pedis. Maybe more us are catching on to the price we have to pay for longer lasting polish both financially and in nail health.

My friend, writer and mum of three, Ekaterina recently recommended Rimmel Super Gel Polish to me (not to be confused with gel polish in salons), and after several months of use, I’m utterly sold on those bad (good) boys. Removable with non acetone nail polish remover as well as being quick and easy to use, in a small and non-overwhelming scope of beautiful shades to boot, the polish can last up to 7 days plus on my nails without chipping and cannot be faulted.

Thanks to Rimmel, I’ve nailed good nails (soz)!

I’m about to trial Manicure who have ads all over social media which I succumbed to too so watch this space!

I still make sure I have a break from the polish every few weeks ‘going bare’ for a week or so but I paint my nails regularly using the polishes and in doing so, I’m not only looking after my nails, I’m also having fun in a way which reconnects me with my inner child. I forgot quite how therapeutic filing and polishing my own nails is, and how much I enjoy it. Who knew. Me now.

Only problem is my two year old wants me to paint her nails too!

Why don’t you try it?

I’d love to read about your experiences in the comments.

Disclosure: fragile nails can be a sign of an underlying health problem so do speak to your GP with any concerns and FYI,  if you require paid prescriptions for any health issues, check out BuzzRx for discounts (and they donate to charities every time you save, too).

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How to Get Strong, Long Nails Naturally - Honest Mum

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