beauty hacks

10 Beauty Hacks You Need in Your Life

beauty hacks

You guys know I like my hacks don’t you: anything to save time, energy and money get a tick in my box (I’ve even shared some lifestyle hacks on ITV’s Lorraine) but this time I wanted to focus on 10 beauty hacks I’ve picked up lately, mostly from other savvy mum mates and I hope you love them as much as I do!

I was inspired to write this after a HUGE spot showed its face (!) on my face (yuck) and after appealing to friends, discovered garlic is the answer! Below I share more of my fave hacks. Enjoy!

Psst. These hacks might not work for all so don’t sue me, yeah (!) but myself and friends have seen great results so I wanted to share them with you.

  1. How to get rid of a spot. Take a garlic clove, make some cuts to extract the juice and dab over the spot. It will sting at first but the spot should diminish immediately. It relives pain in minutes for me too.For spots under the skin, leave the juice overnight. Yes you will smell like hummus the next day but your spots will be gone. It’s the antimicrobial properties of Allicin, a chemical compound in raw garlic, which helps blast pimples. I’ve not suffered with acne but friends have and some swear by using organic apple cider vinegar, watering it down if your skin is sensitive and applying it as a toner to help combat acne as it removes excess dirt and returns skin back to the acid mantle which is destroyed with acid. The cider restores balance.
  2. How to reduce a puffy face. My face tends to bloat with PMT but I’ve found sleeping on 2 not 1 pillow helps reduce puffiness as it improves circulation and drains water from my face.
  3.  How to make your perfume last. Spritz behind your ears and knees (pulse points which generate greater heat so smell) and on your hair with the strands helping to carry scent. Add body lotion or Vaseline to pulse points so the scent sticks to it and prolongs too.
  4. How to master perfect brows.  To pluck your own brows, add concealer over your brows to work out the places you need to pluck before you go for it. To make them bolder, use small strokes to fill in your eyebrows and opt for an eyebrow mascara over a pencil as it’s less severe and more natural-looking. If you are filling in a gap then use a pencil.
  5. How to make nail polish dry quicker. Place your nail once painted into ice water to help them dry quicker as it sets the polish. Once dry add some nail oil to nourish and bring out the shine.
  6. How to achieve longer looking lashes? Blow dry your eyelash curlers for a short blast before curling your lashes. Don’t burn yourself though. Check they’re not too hot before placing near your eyes. The heat helps set the lashes.
  7. Diminish eye bags with tea bags! Use tea-bags to remove under eye circles. Tea is bursting with antioxidants so place two bags: green tea ideally as the caffeine will help reduce water and tighten. You’ll smell nice too!
  8. How to emphasise eyes. Apply a dot of white eyeliner in the inner of your eyes by your nose. Great as an eyebrow highlighter too.
  9. Do your make-up in the car. The natural light from all the windows coupled with the mirror light make it easier than ever to see your face/ pluck your brows/ apply lipstick. Don’t do it while driving, obvs. It’s illegal and stupid. Park up and paint your face.
  10. Styling your hair. Use bobby pins upside down which was how they were originally meant to be used. They hold your locks for longer.


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