Florence’s 2nd Birthday

I’ve waited (and waited) for this day, and if you’ve followed me on here or via my social media channels, you’ll know I’ve blogged monthly up until this point as Florence turning two has always felt like it would be a significant milestone, a turning point marking twenty four months of Florence’s life but also my postpartum journey.

The first year is undoubtedly a blur, thanks to sleep deprived and hormonal upheaval (I only got one kid out of three who slept well in their first year) but this second year has been lighter and easier than the first. I feel I’ve found my stride as a mum of three more.

The past year has felt more carefree and fun despite the tougher times (don’t ask how PMT feels after your third baby in your 40s) and I’ve felt happier thanks to moving to Leeds and having help from my family here.

The year has been filled with so many precious memories it’s hard to list them all but Florence’s second visit to Cyprus (you can read about her first holiday there at just nine months old, here) stands out as does the everyday mundane way of life as we simply spent quality time together whilst I (miraculously) kept my business going working one to two days a week, giving Florence and my other children, Oliver and Alexander much of my time, energy and love. These past two years has been dedicated to mothering, my maternal season where my business could free-flow after the many years of hard graft.

I’m now veering into a heavier but still manageable work life.

I always knew I wanted to take an extended Maternity leave and I’m grateful for the time Florence and I have spent in one another’s company, as ‘best friends’ as Florence calls us. My trio of kids truly are my best friends. They might not always feel that way about me but they’re my most favourite people and I’m a friend to them as much as a parent, just as my Mum is to me.

But back to the birthday celebrations and enough of all this soppiness…

Saturday was a low-key celebration of opening presents, playing with the helium balloons pumped and ready for Sunday’s party (Florence was enthralled with them) and a trip to the local park to test drive Florence’s new wheels.

Banwood’s three wheeled scooter bike wheels, that is.

A beautiful vintage style scooter with basket, Florence found it easy to ride the scooter from first try thanks to its Easy Ride Steering System. The T Bar grows with your child too as you can adapt it to three different heights as your child grows. Utter perfection.

Huge thank you too to Angel and Rocket for this blue floral print dress Florence rocked all morning on her birthday before a quick change into Peppa Pig style attire for popping to the park in, in the afternoon!

Sunday saw us enjoy her birthday party at my Dad’s award-winning restaurant Giorgio’s in Headingley, with close family and friends.

Little Big Party Co made it utterly magical with their gifted balloons, decorations, party favours, party bags, tablecloths and tablewear. Premium, beautifully made, long-lasting decorations and party supplies, that have been carefully stored away post-party to be reused.

Excitingly, you can win a, ‘party in a box’ as I like to refer to it as everything was posted over to us pre-party, over on my Instagram.

Style-wise, Florence was a little fashionista in her navy velvet trim coat by royal-favourite, Rachel Riley London, over their navy rose button-front dress of dreams underneath.

Boots were care of Zig and Star with these magical, podiatrist-approved Rockit kids’ boots in ‘pewter moon’ metallic loveliness. Thank you to Fuse Communications for arranging the gifted pieces.

The cake was a gift from my Mum commissioned from brilliant local cakemaker Hannah of Hannah’s Kitchen Leeds whose brief was Peppa Pig with a touch of rainbow to fit the party theme and also the fact Florence is our precious rainbow baby (a baby born after a lost baby).

Hannah nailed it with this pretty pastel coloured, creamy chocolate cake. Not only is it stunningly designed but it’s also one of the tastiest cakes I’ve ever eaten (and I’ve eaten a lot of cake to-date-ha)!

A simply perfect day, full of fun, happy (and tired) tears, the latter from Florence whilst blowing out her birthday candles in desperate need of a nap after all of the excitement; abundant laughter and most importantly so much unconditional love from those who spent the day with us.

Florence, you are one smart cookie (your vocabulary simply stuns us all and any who observes you and assumes you’re much older), you are also tall for your age, full of fun, you care deeply for others and often stop what you are doing and turn to me to tell me, ‘I love you so much’ which never fails to melt my heart.

You never forget to say, ‘yes please’m and ‘no thank you’ and you recently asked me, ‘what time is it?’ despite having no concept of time!

You’re skilled at playing football thanks to watching and being trained by Xander; Peppa Pig on the telly always delights you as does playing with your play kitchen, your many teddies and dolls (some are bigger than you are), and dressing up (even in Mummy’s clothes and heels which always makes us laugh). You’re a foodie through and through and more unsual ingredients are your favourites: gherkins, olives, seaweed thins, prawn linguine and you refuse to eat even crisps if you don’t have a plate!

You adore your big brothers and little family (which you made a bit bigger) and it really does feel like you’ve always been here.

You are going through a clingy stage currently and we have even had to pause your nursery attendance because of it, but let me tell you, sweet daughter of mine, you can always cling on to me. Always.

We love, love, love you our clever, beautiful, darling girl!

Read about Florence’s first birthday here.

Florence’s 2nd Birthday

Florence’s 2nd Birthday


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