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The Wonderful Whirlwind That Was BritMums Live 2015

Vicki Psarias


The Wonderful Whirlwind That Was BritMums Live 2015.

Britmums Live, the biggest parenting conference in the UK was a complete and utter whirlwind this weekend just gone by and as you can gather from the title, a wonderful one at that.

The atmosphere was unlike other years too, equally electric and inspiring, just much calmer, warmer and more welcoming than ever before, filled with the smartest and kindest of bloggers: mums and dads, and babies too. I was just so proud to be there.

This is my 4th BritMums Live, I will be blogging for 5 years in November this year (!) with this annual event, and the founders Jen and Susanna, having had such an impact and lasting contribution to my blogging journey, a constant really, throughout my career.

Gorgeous and glam Jen and Susanna below!


Starting my blog in 2010, with a 10 month old son, Oliver (now 5), I, suffering from a traumatic birth and a little lost, meant my blog became (as it still is now) my outlet, my new home and big part of my world.

Thanks to it, I rediscovered my voice and slowly started to regain my confidence.

4 weeks after my blog’s birth, I was a finalist in the Fresh Voice Category when the awards were still virtual.

The biggest of boosts, it made me feel worthy again, giving me back some of my identity and it encouraged me to get back on set, directing again.

By the time my second son Alexander was born, Honest Mum Limited was a thriving business, I was also a finalist in the Video Category in 2013 and this year, in Style. What an honour.

This year, the biggest being that I was asked to speak and share my journey as a blogger in the ‘How Successful Bloggers Do It‘ panel with the shining stars that are Becky of English Mum and Helen of The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club.

Striking a pose before my session! Ha!

strike a pose

We had a real laugh and great chemistry together, as we shared our experiences working with brands on TV ads, modelling campaigns and book deals respectively.

It was honour to discuss my modelling and ambassadorial work for Nova Harley, The Essential One, NIVEA and many more brands.

bloggers panel

And it was a packed house! Yay!


I have to say I felt teary many times throughout the two days as people approached with such touching words thanking me for inspiring them or supporting their journey. I can’t express how it all meant to me, thank you so very much.

…A huge thank you also to my sponsors, the super stylish and chic Swedish brand me&i who dressed me by day with their flattering and versatile little black dresses: the boatneck and sleeveless LBD’s as seen here.

Nova Harley


Above with the lovely and super chic Lizzie of Lizzie Somerset.

Thank you also to Yosa, whom I’m an ambassador for, for their bold, glam, statement jewellery and striking pink clutch. The perfect accessories for this Mama.

A big thank you too to the wonderful Nova Harley for the Miami bag ( I adore modelling for this brand) and of course Jacques Vert for the elegant navy frill cocktail dress I wore for the awards night.

This blue number was designed by the great Lorcan Mullany (who designs for Taylor Swift) and whom I was privileged enough to meet at a JV press day last year.

Such a talented, humble and sweet gentleman, I think this might be my favourite evening dress of all time!

Jacques Vert

…There’s nothing more uplifting than feeling confident in the clothes and accessories you’re in. Thanks guys!

This conference was also about meeting, and making so many new friends, reconnecting with old mates and enjoying every single minute of my time among talented, smart, savvy and most of all, supportive bloggers, proving that together, we’re incredibly strong. Forget strong, we’re dynamite chicas!

But let’s go back to the beginning for a minute…

I kicked things off as I meant to go on, in style darlings, and here I am with gorgeous Renee of Mummy Tries (who I instantly gelled with) undergoing impromptu MAC makeovers in St Pancras Station, before a champagne lunch with my blogging wife Elizabeth of Rosalilium, in Searcys.

make over

MAC make over


It was the perfect glamorous start to the weekend!

Bit gushy but beautiful Elizabeth is a bit of a soul mate of a blogger to me, she writes the lifestyle and travel blogs Rosalilum and Awesome Wave and we clicked from the word go.

We are both also Goldsmiths, University of London alumni and that magical, creative hub of a uni really provides a shorthand for former students.

blogging mates

Oh and I mustn’t forget my blogging husbands-this band of ‘brothers from other mothers’ were just as wise and witty as they are offline, as on.

They brought their testosterone and immense talent to BML and really made the weekend hilarious for me! Thanks chaps!

Left to Right: Tony of Papa Tony, Ryan of Dad Creek, Tim of Slouching Towards Thatcham and Dave of The Dadventurer.

blogging husbands

Here I am with the original Big Daddy, John of Dad Blog UK who is a great friend to me and a colleague too on a lot of projects. This guy rocks!

parenting bloggers

More highlights include hanging out with my darling, and now award winning Hayley of Down Side Up, Leigh of Headspace Perspective and Oana from Mama’s Haven. Inspiring women I’m touched to call my friends.

I loved meeting the beautiful Kat of Beau Twins, we had so much in common!


Oh and how I love these girls, and what a laugh we had at our hotel sushi party (I just ate rice in keeping with my new vegan way of life)!



Elizabeth, Lucy of Capture by Lucy and Fiona of The Only Free Range Chick.

blogging pals

Our expression here cracks me up, really sums up the fun we had together!

ladies…More pics of non stop laughter and chatter/ plans to take over the world together with Lucy Bishop of Mrs Bishop’s Bakes and & Banter, and Steph of Don’t Buy Her Flowers/ The Sisterhood (and all that) Elfa from Californian Mum in London, Emma from It’s Mostly OK and Amy of Amy Ramson (Surviving Life and Motherhood (just).


bloggersMy great friend Kiran of Mummy Says isn’t in this picture but it was amazing as alway,s to hang out.

I also loved meeting gorgeous Kerry from Oh So Amelia and my ovaries were definitely hurting thanks to her adorable son Harrison!

I also loved heading to EAT nearby for a quiet lunch with the smart and kind Ting of My Travel Monkey Blog (we were too busy chatting to take any snaps) and I left feeling really uplifted after chatting about our lives and dreams.


I also felt inspired hearing and then meeting Ella of Deliciously Ella (the catalyst along with Queen Bey to go vegan) and the entertaining Caprice who I’m interviewing on the blog soon!

Deliciously Ella

The standout session for me was Marco Danesi’s YouTube Session; I’ve had a few meetings with him before and also attended the Beauty Day at YouTube HQ he kindly invited me to recently and I’m learning so much from him. Thanks Marco, you are a complete dude!

YouTube session

I was the last to leave BritMums Live too (!) with a few others and the lovely Lauren of Real Housewife of Suffolk County made me laugh out loud as I went on camera for the BritMums Live film at the end!

…Oh and to top it all off, I also celebrated my blogging sister Mirka of All Baby Advice and Fitness 4 Mamas‘ 40th with a bunch of ladies who mean a lot to me, some I’ve known right from the start: Uju of Babes About Town, Laura of London Baby, Jacqui (Mummy’s Little Monkey) Nomita (Ebabee Likes), Michelle (Bod for Tea) and others I’ve gotten to know over the last year: Katie (Pouting in Heels and To Dream of Dresses), Hannah (Mum’s Days) and Zaz (Mama and More).

Here I am rocking, my best duck face!





friendsMy husband Peter was in London for work so joined us for late night drinks too. My rock and real life husband (!), we had a lot of fun on our date day in London on the Sunday dining at Feng Sushi and simply hanging out (more of that in another post)!


…Argh, blogging means many things to me, it’s my career, a huge part of mine and my family’s lives and my complete passion and love…

I felt rather emotional over the weekend, around so many women and men whom are real friends, who truly understand this often crazy life of blogging, and who frankly, mean the world to me.

Thank you all! Oh and thanks to everyone who agreed to me nicking their photos for this post, some are ones I grabbed on my phone and camera but I was mostly having so much fun and completely in the moment, I didn’t take as many as I should have done. And that my friends is testament to just what a fab conference it was!

Here’s to next year!

So did you attend BritMums Live?

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