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The 10 Best Kids Films of All Time

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We absolutely love films here, I’m a filmmaker and come from a family of cinephiles, and my kids not surprisingly love movies too, from live action to animation, across all genres and it really is such a joy reliving my youth through their film choices.

Both my boys, aged 5 and 2 respectively, adore going to the cinema (yep even my 2 year old), as well as of course lounging on the sofa watching dvds on the box.

We’re lucky that a cinema not far from us Cottage Road often reruns classic films and when it comes to the box, there are great offers on TV packages online. Check out DirecTV availability.

So here, I bring you our round-up of the 10 Best Kids Films of All Time

1. Bambi

The first film I ever saw (I think) and at the cinema as a child, my Dad snoring away, and the first time it really hit me that we’re not here forever. Bambi is a deeply moving, cautionary tale as the young deer prince learns of life and love. A must-see classic.

2. Frozen

Leaping straight to the present, this phenomenal film deserves all the critical acclaim it’s received and continues to. When the new queen, Elsa, curses her hometown into ice, her sister Anna embarks on saving the day. A tale of sisterhood, love and the importance of family ties.

3. Bugsy Malone

My first boy crush was Bugsy (Scott Baio) and it must be said, girl crush was Tallulah (Jodie Foster)! I still sing the songs to my sons at bedtime, and I plan on having a Bugsy party for my eldest (cream pies included)! This gangster story with an all child cast will make you laugh, cry and sing along. Altogether now, ‘My name is Tallulah…’

4. Oliver

This multi-oscar winning version (96) based on Dickens story is a classic we keep returning to. It was also the reason my eldest son was named Oliver!

The narrative follows orphan Oliver who escapes from an orphanage and joins a group of boys trained to be pickpockets by an elderly mentor.

A dazzlingly choreographed musical that will have you dancing round your living room!

5. Annie

I love both the original and recent remake of this other classic orphan story as Annie embarks on finding a family to love her. Such a feel-good number!

6. Home Alone 1 & 2

The everlasting charm of the Home Alone films, makes it stand out from so many other past and present kids’ films because it strays from being cheesy and never patronises the young or old audience in any way.

The story of Macauley Culkin’s abandoned child Kevin, left ‘home alone’ by his holiday-going family (KEEEVVVIN)-twice, and his attempt to beat hapless burglars (twice) is pretty much this family’s favourite films EVER! Not just for Christmas!

7. Finding Nemo

My favourite little fish (we even went in search of him in Jamaica on a boat trip recently) ends up in a fishing net and far from his Dad who sets off to find his only child!

8. Toy Story

A cowboy doll is profoundly threatened and jealous when a new spaceman figure supplants him as top toy in a boy’s room.

9. Paddington

We were lucky to attend the world premiere in Leicester Square for this and it’s hands down, one of the most entertaining, moving kids’ films we’ve ever seen as Peruvian Paddington goes in search of a family and home.

10. Despicable Me 1

We love both films but the first is our favourite. When a criminal mastermind uses a trio of orphan girls as pawns for a grand scheme, he ends up loving the little girls and becomes their Daddy! A sweet, funny movie the whole family will love!



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