Hello Day plannersSay hello (!) to Hello Day, your one-stop Instagrammable babe of an online diary store which will keep you organised in style! Be it an academic diary/midyear planner you’re looking for in marble or palm tree print or a chic clutch style diary, Hello Day have got you covered.

Kirsten, the founder of Hello Day says this about her beautiful business, ‘My goal is that your planner helps you to start each day with positivity and purpose, and end each day with a sense of accomplishment and progress. I believe that your Hello Day planner will accompany you and encourage you throughout a 2018 filled with happiness and success; that unlike a mobile phone which constantly distracts you, it will serve as a companion that keeps you focused on your tasks, and reminds you regularly of your goals and dreams’.

Hello Day planners

I’ve written about my love of putting pen to paper a lot on here from writing chapters of my book on paper first to having a home bursting with notepads and books for when ideas come to me (usually at bedtime). I’m the kind of person who needs a material diary as much as a digital one and my love for stationery knows no bounds.

When it comes to calendars and diaries I have three on the go simultaneously: this effortlessly stylish Hello Day Chic Planner in faux leather and woven khaki which comes everywhere with me, a poster sized family calendar in the kitchen and my Google diary which is synced with my management. I need ALL three to keep me in check (and in cheque 😉 ).

Hello Day planner

clutch diary by Hello DayCan we just take a moment to look at how gorgeous these diaries are, please.

Hello Day planner

The Cararra is a marbled beauty and being an academic planner means it’s perfect for us busy mums who need to include our kids’ school days, activities and social lives (!) in there along with our own (still working on an actual social life, my kids are busier than I am!).

Read all about it here.

…The Chic Planner in black is an absolute dream with leatherette (non leather) and khaki woven fabric creating a clutch, yes a clutch with a difference which will ensure you’re accountable to your tasks and life-changing goals. I like it. I like it a lot!

With Hello Day planners, you can keep on top of your busy to-do list and I like to dot new ideas in them too be it blog post inspo, videos or what I need to buy from Waitrose!

The more you write, the more you write and you won’t stop with this collection!

Hello Day planners

You can read about its features here.

Now, I have one marbled darling Hello Planner to giveaway to one of you lucky readers so enter below and good luck!

UK only

Ends 7th November 2018

No cash alternative
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154 Responses

  1. Wendy Guy

    Perfect Christmas present for my daughter who is a maths teacher and very busy.

  2. Rebecca Whatmore

    My life needs some organisation! Instead of bits of paper with appointments etc on that I lose!

  3. ellie spider

    I’d love to win as I am forever trying to remember appointments for the family

  4. Victoria Bazley

    I’d love this. I currently have too many reminders / info on my phone and I’m easily distracted by other apps so I’m not actually getting stuff done. This will help me focus and it’ll be great to look back on the weeks and months and really see just how much I’ve done.

  5. Joanne Clarke

    I like to write down what I need to do that day or pay so I don’t forget. This would help me

  6. D Winfield

    As a busy mother who works as well as studies (University) I need to keep really organised. I have a saying that if it isn’t on the calendar then it isn’t happening.

  7. Patricia Avery

    Although I embrace modern technology, the older I get the more I find I can remember things better if I have physically written them down. I am also chief organiser in my family so this would be great for keeping on top of the job.

  8. Nikita yates

    Because it will help me feel more organised with life, will also help me not to forgets things from birthdays to dentist appointments

  9. Chloe Cunningham

    I love this! I’m very unorganised and I have a baby due in a few weeks so will be amazing to write all my appointments in.


    I would love to win this for two reasons. One because it is BEAUTIFUL! and two I need all the help I can to keep organised and motivated

  11. sarah hutt

    This looks beautiful and would be really handy as I normally write everything on my calender

  12. paula cheadle

    I need this so I don’t forget things, as with such a busy family I sometimes forget stuff and they complain

  13. Caroline Blaza

    I need help to keep track with juggling a full time job, having a teenager to taxi around and spending time with family and friends. Hoping this would help me x

  14. Alison Johnson

    I live by to-do-notes so it would be nice to actually put things down in a planner so that I don’t keep moving things on!

  15. Melissa Lee

    I am a planner addict but these look so much more beautiful than any I currently use

  16. Pauline Black

    this would be perfect for my student daughter. I know she needs a little help being more organized

  17. Denise walton

    I would love to win for myself I love keeping organised and beautiful stationary

  18. Nuala R

    I really need a diary so I can keep track of everything. My memory was bad before I got Fibromyalgia now I need all the help I can get,

  19. Anneka Davies

    i would love to win this 😍 it’s so beautiful and stylish and a perfect little treat for myself as I’m a self proclaimed organising freak 😂

  20. Gill Barwood

    This would really help me be more organised. I am self employed with a family and I care for an elderly neighbour so it can be difficult to keep on top of things

  21. Lauren Old

    It would be great to use this for helping organise my workload and my studying

  22. Elizabeth Cooke

    I’ve wanted a Hello Day planner for soooo long! So I’d love to win to kick start 2019 with it <3

  23. jade bremner

    All my notebooks seem to have some sort of doodles in by my kids so it would be nice to have this and keep it hidden from tiny hands

  24. Dadi

    I’m starting my studies at college next term, so I would be really delighted if I had this planner!

  25. lorraine kirk

    I would love to empty my head by writing everything down in this – especially in the run up to Christmas!


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