Lots of you have asked for an update on my journey with IF (Intermittent Fasting) so here it is. Three months on bar a two week break where I honestly got so busy, I forgot to follow it, has otherwise seem me follow the IF way of life most days.

I have my dinner at 8 or 9 pm and don’t eat until 10/11 am the following day leaving a 14 hr window-a period of fasting between meals. Some say a 16 hour gap is best but I couldn’t hack that and many messaged me online to say 14 hours is actually optimum for women. Either way, I’m always READY to eat by the time the end of 14 hours ends and I’m rarely chomping at the bit or HANGRY so happy days.

I’m plant-based so find this way of eating while skipping breakfast works really well for me. The science stands to show it reverses ageing (people are constantly telling me how clear my skin looks) and prevents illness and disease. Win, win. I rarely ever get IBS style symptoms either, something I suffered with prior to IF, oh, and I sleep a million times better too.

Yes, it will take time to get used to at the beginning and yes, you will feel hungry to start with but you will soon adapt and will feel encouraged by the results. The fact you’ll feel less bloated and if your aim is weight loss, you’ll see that too.

This month was the first time I did IF during the time of the month too, not every day I should add, and not on the days I woke up ravenous (listening to your body is key) but when I felt I could do it, I did and I had fewer cramps and again, slept better (without night terrors, something which affects during PMT time) thanks to it.

Also, I must add that I much prefer this way of following IF (as in daily) over the two days a week style fasting where you just consume 500 calories over 2 days and eat normally for the rest (which helped me lose baby weight when Alexander was 4 months old and I embarked on it but affected my mood).

This way, you essentially just miss breakfast then eat normally in the remaining window of time. It also means I don’t feel guilty if I enjoy a piece of vegan cake or dark chocolate here and there, as my calories are naturally more limited thanks to it. I eat lots of slow releasing carbs, fruit and veggies and don’t limit how much I eat in the window of eating time either.

Readers and friends who have followed it since my first post 10 days in, have lost weight and some have also commented in their words, that they’ve also ‘ lost their wrinkles’ so it clearly works.

When you fast you reduce sugar and insulin levels and some research suggests it can help protect against heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

I’m grateful every day to my good pal Mirka, founder of Fitness 4 Mamas and All Baby Advice for introducing me to it. She looks and feels incredible!

Let me know if you try it, won’t you?


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My Experience of Intermittent Fasting 3 Months On - Honest Mum


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2 Responses

  1. Sarab

    Hi Vicki,

    Love following your blog. I am going to give IF a go and wondered if you don’t drink coffee either until 10 or 11 or just food? That’s really the part I would struggle with. Thanks for any info you can give!

    Sarah xx

  2. Mandy

    Interesting. I have tried the 5:2 diet before and got good results initially but found it hard to stick to. I often exercise straight after the school run so I need breakfast for energy but I might give this a try on other days.


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