It’s down to start slowing down…I delivered my final draft on my book Mumboss-how to survive and thrive at work and at home, on Monday and it’s safe to say I’m completely and utterly shattered. Mumboss the book, is my third baby, really, although to be fair, it might have been less work to actually have another baby (!) than write it, but all those late nights have taught me a lot…Firstly that I can write a 65k word non-fiction book, and then that long-form outside of screenplays which I’ve written before, stretch, stimulate and nourish, whilst thankfully providing a vital platform in which I could escape to when personal tragedy hit with unwell close relatives and the recent death of my auntie.

Having a baby/book that needed my attention, truly helped me when I felt I was drowning with grief. I’m still in deep, dark waters currently but I feel buoyed up at least, my head above water as I come to terms with such an immense loss… Art save us all, huh?

What’s the book about?

Mumboss shares my own story, along with tons of useful advice on absolutely everything I know about being a blogger and vlogger so that you, dear reader can seize this glorious digital space for yourself . You can read more about it, and preorder it here if you fancy it. It hits the shops (eek) on May 3rd!

So, what now?

Now, my friends, I’m chilling the heck out until January after what’s been a crazy-busy, wondrously thrilling year, I must now decompress and rest from. I LOVE what I do but I also know it’s time to take a breather for a short while. To exhale. I took a few weeks off earlier in the month, but now, aside from some a couple of campaigns, I’ll be enjoying being a lady of leisure over the festive period. Yoga and gluten-free mince pies await, and I’m relishing both.

I’m still going to be sharing my life online of course because my blog is more to be than a job: it’s my world, and I’d blog even if it wasn’t monetised or I only had a single reader so you’ll still be able to keep up with our lives, and recipes as always, I’m just going to be resting more in between events, awards (I’m excitingly up for Blogger of the Year and Social Media Hero at the Thirty Plus Awards in association with Boots No7 tomorrow evening) and hanging out with family and friends. Ha, I’m already tired from that list of me in rest-mode (!).

…Today was day one of ‘me time’ with a private yoga lesson and a leisurely trip into Windsor- we live close to Windsor Castle and the news vans were there from first thing as Meghan Harry fever is in full swing ( I can’t wait). The day ended with an epic play date with a new, amazing pal of mine and our kids. The perfect day.

Excitingly, I’ve started painting again too (I’ve exhibited in the past). I promised myself whilst writing the book that I’d pick up a paint brush again when I completed it, and I stuck to my word. It’s been years but I’ve started and nothing soothes me quite like losing myself in painting portraits or still life.

…Life is changing, and evolving as it always does for all of us… and I’m looking forward to see what the next (literal) chapter brings in 2018. After this rest, I’ll be ready for the madness to restart again!

Reflecting back on 2017, I feel I’ve grown immensely both personally and professionally.ย  I’ve built my personal brand to heights I never expected (it’s odd but wonderful to be stopped on the street most days by readers),ย  my skin is tougher than ever yet my heart is as full and open as always.ย  I feel truly content in who I am, in a way I’ve never experienced before, I like myself people, and I feel incredibly grateful for the loving, honest women, and men in my life which give it meaning.

Now it’s time to rest, recuperate and get on the yoga mat as much as possible.

I hope if you’re feeling overwhelmed or over-tired, you too can take some time out for yourself.

If you need any self-care inspiration, take a look at my top 50 self-care tips. Don’t feel guilty for resting and rebuilding your physical and emotional strength. It’s a necessity.

Right, I’m off for an early night!



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Slowing Down

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41 Responses

  1. Emma Peach

    Enjoy your rest, you’ve truly earned it! Another exciting year awaits with the book hitting the shelves!

    Emma xxx

  2. Emma

    The yoga mat is the perfect place to switch off the brain! You’ve reminded me that I need to do the same. Trying really hard to get ahead of myself with the blogging so I can chill out in the school holidays! Enjoy your rest Vicki!

  3. Jo Allison / Jo's Kitchen Larder

    So pleased to hear about your nominations, huge congrats! Same for the completion of the final draft of your book (high five)! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think December is the perfect time to slow down and smell mince pies lol, take stock and relax so hope it will be a good one for you! xx

  4. becca farrelly

    I love looking back on the last year or even 6 months to see just how much we have all done not only business related but also personally too! I can’t wait to read your book and see what the next year brings for you. I completely agree with you about needing to take time out for yourself and its something that I really need to get better at! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Annabel

    I’m new here! Great to have a read around your site. It is incredibly important to take time out and rest but also incredibly hard in this day and age when there are so many distractions! Life must have been a lot simpler before the internet came along but I guess it’s brought huge benefits too.

  6. Moonsparkle (ZM)

    Your book sound good, look forward to reading it! And congratulations on the award nominations! Hope you and your family have a relaxing Christmas season. ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Clare

    Oh I hear you – I’m so busy with my day job and trying to blog too. In fact I’m physically dizzy!
    Well done you superstar – enjoy your rest and look after yourself Cx

  8. mummy here and here

    It’s good to have a balance and have some rest sounds like you need it with how busy your schedule has been. All the best with the blog in awards for tomorrow X #ablogginggoodtime

  9. Michelle Frank | Flipped-Out Food

    Congratulations on the Blogger of the Year and Social Media Hero nomination! But more importantly, congratulations on having that final draft submitted! What an accomplishment! When I read that you’re taking “you” time and picking up painting again, it made me realize that I need that too. Time to start working piano time back into my schedule (oops, I have to buy another one first, d’oh!). Have a wonderful holiday season! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Honest Mum

      Oh wow, I used to play the piano too but haven’t for years, I’d love to take lessons. Please do start up again, painting has brought me so much joy, wish I’d started again sooner xx

  10. Lara Jarvis

    I DEFINITELY feel the same as this, and after almost 5 years I have also decided to take some time off so I can enjoy the special season with my nearest and dearest!! It’s so important to be able to look back and reflect as well as recharge for next year!! Congrats on the book and good luck with the painting xx

  11. Eb Gargano | Easy Peasy Foodie

    I’ve said it already, but huge congratulations for finishing your book. Such a lot of work, but so, so worth it, I am sure. Can’t wait to read it!! Enjoy your rest time…I am ever so slightly jealous…I have set myself a crazy workload for December. It’s my own fault…I just have so many delicious Christmas recipes I want to get out there!! But I have promised myself I will slow down in January!! Eb x

  12. Chloe

    Gosh you have a had a full packed year with many positive changes alongside the sad loss of your aunt. Enjoy your me time for the rest of the year #brillblogposts

  13. TiddlerTales

    You deserve a break, just make sure you fully switch off. Going through heart ache and loss can fully drain you too both physically and emotionally. Look after yourself xx

  14. Paola

    Yes, time for some well-deserved rest! I know what it means to be active and constantly ready for new challenges. It’s important to remind to yourself to take a break between achievements.
    Thanks for sharing, there are never enough posts about self-care for mothers. #brillblogposts

  15. Sophie Le Brozec

    So important to rest and recuperate, especially after the mammoth year you’ve had lovely. CANNOT wait for your book to be out and totally working on manifesting a reason to be in the UK for your launch party ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy every minute of your downtime and me time beautiful. Love, Sophie xx

  16. Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb

    WOW Vicki you really have had an amazing year, but I’m so sorry you had immense heartbreak in there too. Here’s to a more stress-free 2018 for you, and I hope you absolutely relish your time off… you deserve it!!

    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night, it’ll be lots of fun I hope. Till tomorrow!

    Catherine x


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