Quality (and Quantity) Time with Quality People


If this half-term was a movie, it would be part romcom and part family adventure I reckon as Peter and I finally got a date night in (!) and I’ve spent most of the week belly-laughing with the kids and old pals, free from the usual day-to-day stresses of the school run and after school clubs.

The kids needed a break and so did I.

I’ve had the week off work and this is the first post I’ve written in what feels like donkey’s years.

I’ve missed writing. I NEED to write but I also NEED to hit reset often, and I’ve welcomed pressing pause on the pressure I mostly put on myself.

I’m 38 next month and I’ve most definitely become far better at self-care than ever but life can often feel like it’s going at 100 miles per hour for us all right? so taking it to 20 mph felt like a decadent treat. I read, swam, enjoyed a break with the family at a hotel nearby and got to catch up with tons of mates and their children.

I felt reinvigorated.

We were ‘pretend tourists’ in London and Windsor (where we live), we went for long walks bathing in the beauty of autumn, we organised boxes in storage that had been sitting there since we moved in August, and we ate more vegan pizza and plant-based ice cream than is healthy. Soup today, it is!

I also had the chance to reflect and tentatively plan a little. To consider when we’ll sell our house in Yorkshire, if baby number 3 might be an option (Peter needs a little more convincing but I’m slowly making progress) and what we’ll be doing for Christmas (we’re thinking of going abroad so recommendations please).

Sometimes life is so crazy you can only live in the moment which while good for the soul as in you don’t worry too much about beyond the day, it can mean you don’t get enough time to consider the future.

I love my job, I’ve missed it and I’m absolutely ready to get back to things tomorrow but I know I’ll equally miss the carefree days with the kids off school this half term and putting the world to rights with my pals and Peter: quality and quantity time with quality people.

I used to always think it was about quality time when it comes to relationships, but I actually think quantity time is crucial too. That’s not to induce guilt on myself or anyone else (we’re all simply trying our best) and I do get a lot of time with those I love, I just want more. I’m thirsty for as much love and laughter as possible.

When people ask me what I want, where my ambitions lie, it’s right there. To work hard but to love and laugh harder.

Have you guys had a good half-term too?

Photo by Shannon Tremaine


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