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No, not Whinnie the Pooh jokes (do those even exist?!) but scatalogical, poo poo jokes are nearly as rife as actual kids’ poo in this house and to be honest, they’re pretty much needed right now!

Thought I’d share a few invented poo jokes  by my *cough comedy genius 3 & 8 month old Oliver. It’s all in the delivery of course!

Thanks for making me laugh Little Man! Bet Jimmy Carr’s is erm sh**ing himself right now!


Ze Jokes:

Oliver: So a chicken did a poo in the road.

Me: Ok then.

Oliver: And a car ran over it. Squash. UUrrrgh!

Cue raucous laughter.


Oliver: If you put a poo teabag in your tea you can make poo tea Mummy.

Me: Ok then, I’ll try it.

Oliver: NOOOOO, you can’t drink poo! Hahaha!


Oliver: Grandad Andy likes to eat poo.

Me: Does he now? Nice.

Oliver: Yes, he has poo on toast for breaskfast and a poo sandwich for lunch.

Me: Wow, how about dinner?

Oliver: Erm, his tummy is too full of poo for dinner.

Me: Poor Grandad Andy!


So, got any good poo jokes?

Oliver said he wants a poo monster for Christmas this year. Not sure what that is either. Wonder if one of these active robots might do instead?


Photographs ©Peter Broadbent.



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4 Responses

  1. Lauren

    Ha! They are brilliant.
    This is my favourite joke of all time, and Charles (4) loves it too.
    You have to say it outloud or it doesn’t work.
    Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    Europe who?
    No, you’re a poo!


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