Brilliant Bikes From Banwood


Banwood have been incredibly generous to us, gifting my 2 year old toddler, Florence, a beautiful vintage style scooter for her birthday in November and an equally stunning balance bike for Christmas. And she wasn’t the only lucky one in the family as Alexander, 11, was also kindly sent a skateboard with helmet and protection gear to open on Christmas Day too.

Florence’s scooter with basket is in white, her bike is pink and Alexander’s skateboard is mint; perfect pastel hues which as an added bonus with suit the playroom’s decor in our new home. Win, win!

As you can see, Florence likes to ‘borrow’ her brothers’ presents and couldn’t help herself from trying on the protection gear and helmet!

All of the range at Banwood are Scandinavian style items, with safety and functionality as a priority during the design process.

Balance bikes are the perfect first bike for children and worked brilliantly at preparing my sons to ride when they were younger.

They introduce the notion of cycling to young children helping to develop their fine and gross motor skills by promoting mobility and steering.

The balance bike is helping Florence learn to balance and steer whilst allowing her to feel safe thanks to the training wheels. This makes for the ideal transition to a pedal bike without training wheels, one day. It seems like yesterday my eldest child, now 13 was using his first balance bike! Time flies!

But back to this fab scooter which is super easy and fun to use, so much so, Florence literally set off solo a few seconds after jumping on!

Banwood boast a patented Easy Ride System which facilitates the steering of the scooter as well as an exclusive plywood non-slip scooter deck, an adjustable T-bar to adapt as the child grows, comfortable rubber grips and their characteristic wicker basket for bringing the essentials like her owl you can just make out in the pictures, out for the adventure.

The skateboards aimed at 3+ are just as brilliant.

A small cruiser board designed for a relaxed ride that both beginners and experienced riders can enjoy, the Banwood skateboards are made from natural Canadian Maple, their decks feature a soft, transparent grip designed with kids’ bare feet in mind and they can be bought in eight different styles.  The boards also include soft, high rebound wheels for stability.

The 3-pack protection gear sets bring peace of mind. Crafted to provide maximum protection, each pack includes knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards which are both comfortable and chic.

Premium, safe, stylish bikes all round! Thank you Banwood!

Thank you too to Angela and Rocket for Florence’s gifted, red velvet tulle dress of dreams.


Brilliant Bikes From Banwood




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