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There’s a reason you never hear women remark, “Oh the week before menstruation is fun isn’t it?” Ever.

Yes a few cycles post baby is never synonymous with ‘good times’ but this last week has been pretty rubbish for even post partum PMT,  you know the Daniel Day Lewis method equivalent of “Best PMT in a real life drama” bad.

Phew (not the best of analogies but don’t mess with me, I’ll only bite your head off or cry into your shoulder)

…So, I’ve weeped reading the Stick Man this week (Julia Donaldson you make a grown woman cry), felt over sensitive to the entire world (from PR’s emailing me for work to a husband who lost my favourite lip balm because everyone knows dry lips and PMS is just too much for any girl), lost my confidence about my screenwriting, blog, ability as a parent and role as baker extraordinaire (the burnt ‘homemade, just add butter but it’s really from a packet mix’ brownies didn’t help) nor did the twenty million deadlines, snow, puke on dry clean only coat or the fact I’ve missed the whole new season of 30 Rock.

Basically unbalanced hormones make my world a rather shitty place. You?

Evening Primrose Oil helps (I take 1000ml a day) along with rescue remedy when things become a bit overwhelming.

Then on D day or rather P day, the lights come back on, the party starts (we can all read Stick Man once more-phew) and life feels good again; no one hates me (probably-maybe that one PR dude I told off for spelling my name incorrectly or something), my confidence returns and the chocolate comes out because if there’s one and ONLY one good thing about this time of the month,  it’s the guilt free duty to supply your body with iron and magnesium via the most mammoth of Green & Blacks Easter eggs…and life become bearable…until next month at least. Cheers *clinks chocolate eggs.



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9 Responses

  1. chenekoscielny

    Yet that was me too this week. I collapsed into a miserable emotional bundle of distress. No confidence, bad mum, bad writer, bad person… loser.
    I fall for it every month!
    P-day today and feeling so much better. Three Easter eggs down and life is worth living again.

  2. chenekoscielny

    Yep, that was me this week again too. I emotionally collapsed into a little miserable heap, convinced no-one loved me, not even my own children, I’m totally useless at writing, parenting, everything. It happens every month and every month I fall for it again.
    Today – P-day. Totally fine. Silver lining, my kids adore me, I might not be the best at anything, but I’ll be fine… etc, etc.
    Life worth living again.
    Also had three leftover easter eggs today.

  3. Gill Crawshaw

    Oh, the joys of PMT! I think you’re allowed to behave how you want though, as you can totally blame it all on hormones. I’ve not had the pleasure yet post-baby, and I’m dreading it…x

  4. Sharcasm

    PMT is no fun at all, I think women really got a raw deal there. I really sympathise with you. I can be really short fused and easily annoyed when I get it. Chocolate really is the only remedy afterwards, if not for chocolate, I think women could potentially become very dangerous species ha ha ha.

  5. Franki

    Oh Hun, I sympathise whole heatedly. I turn into a complete cow bag for a week, bitch doesn’t even cover it! The things us ladies have to put up with eh?


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