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5 Fab Easter Gift Alternatives to Chocolate

Oliver in a hat-Honest Mum

The joy of Easter only comes round once a year and it’s the next exciting holiday for children after Christmas. Unfortunately, if you’re a parent you may know only too well that it can be chocolate galore, which is fab for a child, but not so much fun for their health, their teeth, and their bedtime routine.

If you are either looking at alternatives for your own children, or if you have a baby and you want an excuse to spoil them, then there are lots of options to choose from which can ensure your little ones have a fantastic Easter without all of the excess sugar.

Here are  5 Easter gifts you can give out that will put you in favour with both children and parents.

Funky Pyjamas:
Pyjamas are a great gift to give to children; especially if they are funky and colourful. There are so many different types of pj’s to choose from that there will always be something to suit every child’s personality and are often available at reasonable prices.

Soft Toys:
Suitable for babies and toddlers, soft toys are the perfect present to celebrate such an occasion. With the ever so popular toys such as cuddly birds or bunnies at this time of year, you can purchase them guilt free as a keepsake from their first Easter or just as a present from someone who loves them dearly.

Breakfast Sets:
This gift is not only practical but also highly popular with parents of toddlers. Breakfast sets are available in a whole host of colours and can be perfect if you have one or more child to buy for. Available with a matching plate, bowl, child friendly cutlery and even a placemat, you can get a lot for your money – making for very happy kiddies over the breakfast table!

Arts and Crafts:
Suitable for a whole range of ages, you can get some cute art and craft items for Easter whether it’s a bonnet making kit or even a bunny and chick create-your-own puppets or cards, there are lots of crafty ideas out there. This not only keeps them quiet for longer than it takes to eat a chocolate egg, it can be great fun for kids to complete as a group or after an egg hunt.

Day Out:
Rather than buy a present, why not treat the children in your life to a fun day out? There are many Easter Egg hunts on the go and despite the cold, wrap up warm and head out for some fresh air, enjoying the company of your children.

So there we have it, 5 alternative gifts for the children in your life. If you have previously given gifts that have been a huge success please feel free to let us know below in our comments section.


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