Honest Mum and son

Lately….A Quick Catch-Up

Honest Mum and son

It feels like an absolute AGE since I’ve blogged here as I had two new book tour dates over the past few weeks which got me feeling all Michelle Obama like (I wish) flying off to Belfast with my Mum to meet 145 of you (you Northern Irish ladies truly blew me away) then back home to Yorkshire to glorious York for a speech and book signing at the brilliant Bump and Baby Expo, so life has been busy… Plus we’re halfway through the Easter hols in Berkshire and while I love the bones off those boys of mine, I’m now counting down the days until school starts again so I can go to the toilet without spectators and rest from the Brexit like negotiations my sons seem to get into with their squabbling.

I know you’re all feeling the same as me if social media is anything to go by and we’re tired aren’t we?

Thank goodness we can drown our sorrows in chocolate next weekend, hey. I’ll be buying all the vegan eggs I can get my hands on and would love a PJ day of nothingness to boot. Make that a week.

The diet and prevention of the ever-expanding hips post white carb feasting of the past few weeks travelling around the UK, will just have to wait a little longer.

Plus, I’ve got some celebrating to do because I only went and won the Best Baby and Parent Blog at the UK Blog Awards 2019 last night, didn’t I! WOW! Shocked was not the word. I celebrated with a vegan Sub in the lounge as I’d lost the will to cook three days ago (rock ‘n’ roll or what) and I’m pumped for the winners’ dinner coming up soon.

Thank you SO, SO much to you lot for being so supportive, for all your votes in the first round and enduring love (that sounds rather romantic) and mega thanks to the brilliant Sophie of Bad Mum for selecting me in the finals too.

Huge shout-out to the amazing Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb for being one of the first to nominate me and for championing me and other 30 and 40 plus bloggers on her blog, and super Leah of Roots and Toots blog, a fellow winner on the night (Best Wellbeing blog), who also originally voted for me! The blogging world is one heck of a sisterly place thanks to ladies like those two!

To know you guys have my back, and relate to my words honestly gets me up and blogging, even when the self-doubt sets in and I struggle to believe my voice matters. You guys remind me that it does.

Thank you!

So, what else have I been up to?

I’ve nagged the long-suffering husband, Peter, to take photos of me in various frocks for the gram coming up, I’ve showed off my football skills (picked up in my uni days), to my boys all week, and I’ve spent much-needed quality time with my family and friends, whining, laughing and putting the world to rights.

I also had the period from hell this month (can we all talk more about ovulation, periods, and the perimenopause and menopause please, as while I know  ALL about the former I’d like us all to keep the honest conversation going, and the latter I’m wholly unprepared for, down the line so need to read and hear more about it please. We need to naturalise women’s health more, so we can all feel greater informed and supported. Thanks).

Over and out.

I’m off to replenish my no doubt low iron levels with some more dark choc.

I’ll blog more about my book dates in more detail soon too. In the meanwhile, go make my week and buy my book MUMBOSS pretty please, so many have kindly said it’s inspired them to start a digital business or return to work with greater confidence, and it’s only £3.99 on Kindle at the mo. BARGAIN!

Catch you soon x

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