Sports Day

Exercise Inspiration to Get You Moving Today!

Sports Day

Sport is everything right?

Nothing else makes me feel as uplifted nor more awake, however bad my day started or interrupted my sleep was the night before.

It’s finding the motivation to go on the run or do that DVD work out that be hard though, some days I literally have to force myself out the door- but I never, ever regret it when I do.

Plus, I love competitive sports too, they really keep me on my toes.

Above was me winning Bronze in the School Sports Day.

Next year, gold right?! 😉

After a workout, my endorphins have kicked in, my mood is elevated and I notice my overall wellbeing improves, and for days afterwards too.

I also sleep better (although try not to run at night as this can stimulate you)…

I truly believe that in order for me to maintain a healthy work/life balance, regular exercise is crucial to me.

I mentioned my need to release stress through exercise in My 10 Step Code to Living a Content Life– I run a few times a week and try and do yoga before bed most nights, even it’s just for ten minutes.

And that’s the key, short bouts is possible for all of us. It’s just a matter of prioritising and fitting in small workouts instead of a lengthy, time consuming routine or going out to a gym.

Here is what worked for me, and maybe it can work for you too.


Keep it Easy

In the past I’ve paid for expensive gym memberships thinking it will pressure me to exercise but I just never seem to find the hours in the day I convinced myself I would on signing up. Fitting in a quick run in the park, even if it means getting up a bit earlier or taking the kids along (who love ‘racing’ with me) as well as using my trusty treadmill in the garage means I can stay fit with minimal effort. I know, the irony isn’t lost on me!


Keep it Short and Sweet

When I tell myself I’m only going to do a 20 minute run, I always end up running for 30 or even 40 minutes. Trick yourself into thinking you are doing something short and sweet and you’re more likely to get those trainers on and get out the door. Also science proves short bouts of exercise are good for your health too!


No Excuses

There are going to be times when you’re away from your exercise bike or treadmill or are away from home, on holiday, slobbing out (is that just me?)

Here’s the answers to your woes: a 15-minute bodyweight routine, meaning you don’t need anything other than the resistance of your own body weight. Yay!

Aside from being only 15 minutes and fitting with my ‘Keep it short and sweet’ rule, the reason I’m all for online work ours is because you can literally work out virtually anywhere the mood and opp strikes!


Buy Stylish Kit to Get You in the Sporty Mood

It’s so important to me to wear supportive but also super-cool threads when it comes to doing sport. I want to feel but also look good, not from an egotistical perspective but because stylish leggings, tees and trainers that also do the job motivate me (and look great on the school run)!

Seriously though, knowing I’ve got some nice kit to don, gets me out of bed when it’s raining and pounding the pavements.

I adore Sweaty Betty and if you head there in the sales, bargains can be had- and M&S are killing it in the sportswear department too so check them out!

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