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Creating a Vision Board & Smashing Your Goals

vision board

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Visualisation works, people. I’m endlessly visualising, writing and creating lists of what I hope to achieve in both work and in life.

Having goals keeps me going and motivated when life feels tough.

The famous book The Secret states that, ‘The law of attraction is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe’.

Not everyone will buy into this, granted but there are so many examples in my life that have proved this theory, it’s ridiculous, from random visualisations where a colleague and I discussed wanting to be on breakfast TV to which we both were and together (after a TV producer who had no idea we knew each other, paired us on the same programme filmed on the exact kitchen table we visualised it happening) to me visualising feeling settled and happy in our new home in Windsor, me getting my book deal and so much more.

Of course a WHOLE LOT OF WORK was involved too. And risk. And did I mention work? But the visualisation bit was the catalyst. Seeing myself signing the book deal, moving house, being on TV etc etc…Daring to dream got the ball rolling and gave me hope even when adversity hit…For example, our move was postponed for several months before it happened, and I had to say ‘no’ to the first TV appearance offer I was given…

Life is never smooth-running and visualisation is not hinged on, ‘I asked for X so I’ll get X’, it’s about being tenacious enough to know when X doesn’t come, you will keep going until to achieve what you set out to, whatever the knock-backs, you will move forward, honing your voice, being yourself, and keeping brave and determined in the process. It’s also about knowing that if X doesn’t come, something else will. You’ll pivot and be transformed in the process. It’s about trusting your path.

Olympic athletes and movie stars are known to use visualisation too and if it’s good enough for them right… And this year I’ve fully embraced it creating a vision board (that’s messy af to be fair so I won’t be sharing a picture of mine) but I will be referring to it lots as I move into big year for me career-wise with my book Mumboss hitting the shops on May 3rd 2018.

You don’t need anything fancy to make your vision board although if you do make it ‘Blue Peter style’ fancy, it’s likely you’ll be more drawn to it throughout the year. Something bold and beautiful like the pic above using newspaper and magazine cuttings would make something bold and beautiful.

Mine is going on my dressing table surrounded by You Can Do It and other empowering mantra postcards, and treasured gifts from friends, which always help me to feel loved and spurred on when I need an extra boost.

I wrote about Making Creative Plan and The Power of Putting It Down on Paper if you need more inspiration…

So what’s on my vision board. As well as boxes I’d like to tick career-wise, next year and long-term, I’ve also added personal goals like ‘I’d love twins’ (I can just hear my currently non-broody husband running for the hills) and the usual yet vital aspirations for all of us including good health and happiness.

If you need some visualisation inspo consider both spheres of your life: personal and work, questioning what you hope to gain from each of them in the coming year. Are you hoping for financial stability, to push boundaries, a career change or to grow in the role that you’re in? Get it down on paper.

I personally like to get specific about things e.g. Getting a US book deal or selling our house in Yorkshire. Get it out there, however big, small or even ludicrous it might read.

This is your board remember and you don’t need to share it with the world if you don’t want to. I’ve not shared everything on mine here because some things are just for me to know and work for.

I must add that I’ve also learnt to trust the timing of my life.

Whilst it’s great to have ambition and a list of goals you want to reach, I truly believe things happen when they’re meant to. I’d dreamt of a book deal for 3 years before I got one, but on reflection I’m so grateful it happened when it did as I’ve learnt so much in the last few years and that’s meant my book is richer for it. I’ve been able to include all the vital career and personal lessons that were not apparent before now.

So what’s the lesson?

You can be who you want to be so go forth and create your vision board, set those goals and smash them, yeah!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Creating a Vision Board & Smashing Your Goals - Honest Mum



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