pensiveIt’s funny how things happen right when you need them most. Last night this book fell upon me, literally, whiles I cleared toys up from the floor (again). When is a ‘toy clearer-upper’ machine going to be invented I ask you?! Hmmm maybe one to add to my plan!!!

success is not an accident

Anyway, I think I must have picked this self help book up in a charity shop years ago (this is the latest cover, mine is a retro style Green number with the author Tommy Newberry grinning at me)… and never quite got round to reading it. Well last night I did…

OK not page for page (it was the XFactor final after all) but I did read a lot of it and scanning counts as reading too doesn’t it?

What’s important is I grasped the important tips and set about to writing a personal and creative plan, putting pen to paper (not finger to computer) my goals, needs, wants and hopes. And by ‘my’, I also mean for my family too, as being the Mama, my choices affect them directly and it goes without saying that my life certainly revolves around those little people.

The book is easy to dip in and out of (perfect for busy parents) with lots of useful visualisation exercises and questions posed that encourage you to reflect and pinpoint your goals, along with personal mission statement worksheets and ways of understanding your definition of success.

My definition has definitely changed since children as has the work I’ve chosen to pursue. Writing is my focus currently with two blogs and a TV project but filmmaking is still within me and something I will return to, on my terms. I also have other aspirations, different career goals and I truly feel excited about moving in new directions too, as I have been over the last year.

This book hasn’t really given me the confidence per se, it’s just reminded me to keep dreaming and putting in the work to achieving those dreams!

So I have a plan, Stan- for my eyes only, to help me refocus, streamline and remember the things I want and WILL (go Mama!) achieve.

creative plan

Of course I hope for greater happiness, health and success for me and mine and things I need to get better at, is saying no more often, focusing on the work I need and want to do, and create a stricter schedule that helps me structure my freelance work better. The midnight oil needs to stop burning! Well not every night at least! (See, I’m trying)!

I’m willing to put the work in (and necessary relaxation) because according to the book, success is not an accident and I’m starting to believe just that…

Have you compiled a creative and personal plan?

Photo above by Keila Hötzel on Unsplash.


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Making A Creative Plan - Honest Mum


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22 Responses

  1. Michelle @ Bod for tea

    Who knew that a book landing on your head could lead to so much, eh? One of my fav phrases is one that my hubbie told me when, many moons ago, I went for a promotion that I wasn’t 100% convinced I was ready for. He said if I didn’t act ready I wouldn’t feel ready or be ready – BE, DO, HAVE. Thanks for reminding me of that and of my own plans – must revisit them!

  2. Dan

    It reminds me of the saying “1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.” As you say, success isn’t an accident. Great post.

  3. Metropolitan Mum

    This reminds me that I really have to sit down and create a plan and a schedule! At the moment, I feel like so many things are happening at the same time (good things), but I don’t really feel I’ve got the time, purpose and clarity to bundle them together, turn them into something great and not let them evaporate into the universe. Does that make any sense? GAHHHH I need to go to bed now! Midnight oil burning definitely has to stop. Dxx

    • honestmum

      @Metropolitan Mum ah same here, really need a flashing light to start when it gets late and I’m tapping away! Really helped me to simply scribble down my hopes on one small page. Just having something in black and white to work towards xxx

  4. Katy Hill

    Fab idea! Love this. Can also recommend a book called The Fab You List – by Susan Campbell Cross – which I’m currently reading. All about re-discovering YOU and your identity outside of being a mum etc. Here’s to 2014! *runs off to make lists! 😉 x

  5. MummyTries

    Great post, it’s good to have a plan! Since having kids and not having a social life it has become a tradition for Hubby & I to sit down on NYE and reflect on the year, then make a little to-do list for the year ahead. We usually have three columns, one each for us and one for the family. We keep things concise and realistic, and usually do pretty well in achieving. Good luck to you for 2014 🙂

    • honestmum

      @MummyTries that’s a lovely tradition and yes feels good to have put pen to paper and listed my hopes for 2014 and beyond.

  6. helloitsgemma

    I had such a plan at the beginning of last year and I hate the fact that I let it fall by the wayside. I looked at the cover regularly and regularly thought I must sit down and reflect/work on that. I didn’t. It’s the end of the year and while this year has brought some wonderful things, I do feel very frustrated at what I haven’t achieved. time for a re-think. thanks for the reminder.

    • honestmum

      @Helloitsgemma life does get in the way doesn’t it, for all of us. Think putting pen to paper helped me get through the brain fog and remember what I want for me.

  7. Anya from Older Single Mum and The Healer

    It’s really interesting to even just think about this – actually working out one wants when we’re in the habit of putting little ones needs before our own. I really love the sound of it and am going to do some soul searching. Very well done you! x

  8. 3yearsandhome

    I love the sound of this. I’m ALL about a plan. You’ve got to have ideas and goals … it’s so motivating. Come the New Year, I’m going to start jotting mine down. It’s been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to think but things should settle down in Jan.

  9. Babes about Town

    This book sounds totally up my alley and I’m all about the plan for 2014. There’s really nothing more powerful than writing down your goals, making your intentions clear and trying to create a path towards them. We’ll be putting together some planning tools with Mothers & Shakers next year to help other creative dreamers put their vision to work!

    And I’m itching to see your plan, mama, won’t you show us a sneak peek? You big tease! x


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