A Wonderful Week in Wales: Castles, Sunshine and Chocolate Fudge…

steam train in Wales

No internet connection or phone signal nor desire to use them: check.
Breathtaking views from your rented 300 year old cottage overlooking Llangollen’s riverside, castle remains and rolling hills: check. Argh Wales, I think I love you.

Castle in Wales

Castle in Wales

A week of blissful relaxation roaming castles with a toddler in awe of men dressed as knights (“the real Mike the Knight, Mama”), copius cream teas, steam train rides, riverside walks where ‘cotton wool sheep’ dotted the distance and sunshine tickled our cheeks. Heavenly.

I’m not sure we’ve had a more delightful break in the UK.

Oliver was in his element, enjoying the sunshine, running through bright green fields, exploring castles, making new friends and picking flowers.


Castle in Wales

The food was rather spectacular too.

Papa G made paella as we dined al fresco on our cottage balcony- and home-made tiramisu was dished out in abandon.

Holidaying with the grandparents meant Peter and I could escape for dusky evening walks, non alcoholic beer overlooking waterfalls and warm Welsh fudge for good measure.

To finish it all off, we took a horse drawn barge along the canal and waved goodbye to Wales with the promise to return next year, with two babes in arms…

I can hardly wait!

Boat trip in Wales

Photographs (c) Peter Broadbent.


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32 Responses

  1. SAHMlovingit

    SO glad you had such a lovely time (practically on my doorstep!) Can’t believe you were a mere 20 miles from my house. We love Llangollen. We used to go there as kids years ago and feed the sheep on the horseshoe pass. When I was into motorbiking in my 20’s we used to frequent the cafe up there quite a lot. Did you get to Pontcysyllte Aqueduct? That place is just stunning x
    p.s. AMAZING photos from your hubster

    • honestmum

      @SAHMlovingit it is so wonderful there-we have to meet when we next visit. Sadly it rained the day we were due to go tot Aqueduct but iwll next time x

  2. CircusMum

    absolutely gorgeous photos!! Really keen to have my next holiday within the UK. Wales seems ideal!

    Glad you all had a fantastic time!

  3. Babes about Town

    Are you kidding me? This place is to die for, so picturesque it’s like you’re making it up. Are you sure you’re not making it up?!

    And how beautiful is your boy against that setting, you should be charging 😉

    So glad you’ve had some ‘us time’ and a lovely break before the madness of baby number 2 takes over. Oh and with all his skills and stuff don’t you think he deserves to be Honest Dad huh? 😉

    Miss you mama, catch up properly soon x

    • honestmum

      @Babesabouttown thanks lovely, it was super stunning, you have to visit! Thank you for the compliments honey-so true, a bit of ‘us’ time was bliss-this Mama Boys is going to need some more before second son comes along! Miss you too-yes for sure lets catch up soon. Smooch x

    • honestmum

      @Jacqui thank you-this is what Mr Honest Mum said:

      Yep, me and the camera. I set exposure and manually pre-focussed first, then dangled the camera over the end of the boat with one hand holding the strap, the other hand holding the camera to steady it, then hitting the shutter release button to take a burst of exposures. As the water was very calm, the bottom of the camera was about half an inch above the water. Taken with a 16mm fish-eye lens. In total I think I took about 15 shots like this, the one on the blog post came out the best.

      For those cases where you can’t actually get your hand to the camera, I normally set a 10 second timer, press the shutter, then dangle the camera from the strap with both hands which gives you about 8 seconds left to wait for the camera to stop swaying. Set the camera to burst mode as well, and you can do small movements with either hand on the strap to move the camera while the shutter is firing. Trial and error though sometimes to get a good shot.

  4. honestmum

    It’s wonderful isn’t it-can’t wait to return and discover more of Wales-the last time I visited, I was a child!

  5. Alexander Residence

    Oh i LOVE Wales, it has the perfect mix of mountains, sea, beach, castles and family fun. Looks like you got some nice weather too. Gorgeous pics, glad you got some time out before baby arrives too 🙂

  6. Laura Crimmons

    This looks idyllic! Still not made it for a trip to Wales but this post has made me want to book a trip there straight away! Looks like you got lucky with the weather too!

  7. Samantha Hadadi

    Such gorgeous pics – you look like you had an amazing time! And a break very well deserved too For selfish reasons, I’m glad to have you back though!! 😉

  8. Sharcasm

    Wow, sounds like such a delightful and memorable holiday. The pictures are so lush, Peter is very talented. Wales looks so appealing, must-visit. Beautiful post. x

    • honestmum

      @Capture by Lucy-it was so luscious and green-we met some Texans there who were in total awe. Staycations are the best! xx

  9. suzanne

    This look like a great holiday and the pics are wonderful….fab place for a toddler! Thanks for linking up and glad you saw some sunshine – we got none down in the rainy old south of England 🙁

    • honestmum

      @suzanne pleasure and yes totally fab for a toddler-we did have some lovely sunny days in between the showers!

  10. honestmum

    @Mostly Yummy Mummy thank you-will pass your comments on-he takes wonderful pics. Adore Wales-not been since I was a child until now so will be returning and soon!

  11. (Mostly) Yummy Mummy

    Beautiful photos Mr Honest Mum! It looks like you’ve had a fabulous time. It’s so nice to get away and have a complete break sometimes. We absolutely love Wales it’s just beautiful 🙂

  12. Molly @ Mother's Always Right

    Looks and sounds like a blissfully relaxing week. We’ve got our own week away next week I Can. Not. Wait. This post has made me even more excited about getting away from it all for a bit. x


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