Vicki and Oliver

Oliver 023

Aw baby, baby!

Now that I’m 31 weeks along, I’ve started to think more about the inevitable birth. I can’t wait to meet my little newborn boy and dug out a few pictures of toddler Oliver’s first few days with us to reminisce/prepare/freak out!

I was induced 3 weeks early with O due to a hereditary pregnancy liver condition OC which was the safest way for him to be born. Induction resulted in an emergency C section and this time round, I can choose to have an elective.

I don’t know yet if I’ll get OC again although the risk is high. I do however, feel more knowledgable about the condition after directing a short film for the charity OC Support UK and Queen Charlotte’s Hospital but like anything, the unknown is always worrisome.

Flicking through the photos here took me back to that (sometimes) scary, totally wonderful, life changing day when Oliver was born. The intoxicating, unconditional love which overwhelms you when you’re handed your baby is simply addictive…and just continues to grow and grow- and is no doubt why I’m having another…

Pictures ©Peter Broadbent.


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8 Responses

  1. sharcasm

    Beautiful post and beautiful pics of such a truly memorable experience. I cannot believe the transformation in O either 😉 I’m sure the next birth is going to go brilliantly and can’t wait to see what baby number 2 looks like. x

  2. Amanda

    I had OC too, but didn’t think to even mention the itching I’d had since 30 weeks until my 37 week appointment with the midwife. It was diagnosed as OC at 38 weeks and I was induced at 39 weeks (after a week of monitoring) and ended up giving birth naturally after 27 hours of labour (the first 24 of which took me from 2cm dilated to 5cm dilated, the final 3.5 were 5cm to 10cm and actually giving birth – shocked us all how fast it happened after such a long early labour!) Although I had wished they had diagnosed it sooner and induced me earlier because I’d had an awful pregnancy with HG too, I do know that one of the reasons my induction was so successful was that I was already 39 weeks and 2cm dilated when they started the induction. I know it is rare for them to wait that long to induce though, so I don’t envy you this decision if you do develop OC again.

    • honestmum

      @Amanda thanks for your comment-yes women with OC are often induced before 38 weeks as that is deemed safest but great to hear everything worked out well for you. Thanks for stopping by.


    Gosh, saw that first photo and thought’d you’d already popped for a minute!!

    Good luck, at least with an elective it is all so much more controllable. Hope the liver condition stays at bay though.

    Looking forward to seeing pix of the newbie! x

    • honestmum yep thought some people might think that! Yes heard lots of great things about electives-and how less traumatic they can be. Thanks x


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