Vicki of Honest Mum and Dawn O'Porter

London, last week, was a little bit awesome.

Crazy-busy as my weekly trips always are but exciting, fun and super-productive too.

To be fair, what follows is pretty much an Oscar speech as I need to thank a few people for making my time last week so flipping fabulous.

Big Fat Greek love firstly to my amazing pal, award-winning hairdresser to the stars, Jason Collier who took my distressed brillo pad esque locks and turned them into the mane of dreams: colouring, cutting and blow waving every strand to perfection.

You are the man that can Jason!

Jason Collier and Vicki Psarias

Jason Collier is hands down a creative genius-wise, calm and seriously brilliant with hair, he always makes me feel a million dollars.

His mission is to make everyone feel their best self and he achieves it every single time.  If you haven’t yet visited, head to his art deco haven at the Rosewood Hotel which is literally the most beautiful salon imaginable.

Thank you again Jason, you total babe, you!

I also want to send some blowing kisses emojis over to the Royal Garden Hotel for their regular and very generous invites to stay with them when I’m in town. They make every trip utterly magical for me (and the fact the staff know my name makes me feel like Kevin in Home Alone (without the bad guys). Seriously, The Royal Garden feels like a home from home for me-albeit an opulent, exquisitely styled, ‘best sleep I’ve ever had’ in central-London kind of home! Haha!

Vicki in her palace!

Royal Garden Hotel

Also, big thanks to Jacques Vert for my divine winter coat. I am literally complimented on it constantly when I wear it: what a dreamboat of a coat!

Honest Mum wear Jacques Vert coat

Now one of the reasons I was in the city was to attend the launch night of new, incredibly chic shoe brand Morena Morena and there I got to interview one of my creative heroes Dawn O’Porter who recorded her fab podcast Get It On live on the night with special guests Mel C, Jo Elvin and Gok Wan who collectively shared their fashion loves and loathes on the night. I loved listening to their candid and often hilarious style-related memories, especially Mel C who recounted outfits from her Spice Girl days. Gok also revealed he only wears black…and then hit the decks to DJ for us all! A man of many talents!

Morena Morena launch

Dawn O'Porter records her podcast Get It On live with Jo Elvin, Mel C and Gok Wan

Dawn O'Porter records her podcast Get It On live with Jo Elvin, Mel C and Gok Wan

goody bags

#It was so fun chatting to Dawn (who is as smart, funny and gorgeous as you’d expect her to be) and I also captured some of the night’s shenanigans on the vlog too. Another highlight was seeing my sister from another mister, Amancay Tapia aka Lady of the World, one of my greatest and oldest friends who in fact inspired me to start this very blog you’re reading now.

35 weeks pregnant, she didn’t come out to party on the night but we had a girlie sleepover at the Royal Garden (I got back to her for 9pm) and it was one of those hilariously funny, uplifting, put the world to rights kind of nights. I cannot wait to meet her baby now!

The Royal Garden Hotel

flowers and fresh fruit

Amancay Tapia

Wowsas. What a couple of days. I’ve only just recovered!

Told you, it was a bit of an Oscar speech!

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44 Responses

  1. Michelle

    Wow, your trip to London looked amazing and I’m slightly jel of how amazing your life is, but I know you’ve worked hard for it. Definitely some inspiration to work harder blogging #brilliantblogposts

  2. Lianne harris

    It sounds like you had an amazing time and I’m super jealous of you rubbing shoulders with Dawn Porter, I’ve loved her ever since she did the documentary about giving birth years back.
    Your hair looks fab by the way!!!

  3. John Adams

    Well that was a whirlwind tour of London! Love the jumpers and such a good cause. Also love a bit of Dawn O’Porter. Thoroughly enjoy some of her TV work so I must check out the podcast. Thanks for hosting #BrilliantBlogPosts

    • Honest Mum

      Her podcast is super and she’s always been one of my favourite filmmakers-fab to have met her. The jumpers are super aren’t they. I just ordered a red one-so comfy x

  4. five little doves

    Wow what a fab few days! I LOVE Dawn Porter, she is such a strong individual and I would love to meet her! You look absolutely gorgeous as always, I love love love your boots!! #brilliantblogpost

    • Honest Mum

      Thank you my darling, Dawn is amazing and boots are Barbour, they were sent to me last year, so comfy and well made, bet they last forever xx

  5. Babes about Town

    Sounds like a brilliant few days. Funny, I was on overground once standing next to Dawn O’Porter and her gorgeous baby. She was sweet and I was having some nice baby chat/goo goo eyes with her bubba, but I never said a proper hello as I had one of those brain freeze moments where I forgot her name. Duh! lol Amancay looks gorgeous and blooming, congrats to her. Hope to see you soon on one of your London jaunts x

    • Honest Mum

      Aw that is so cute, she’s such a genuinely lovely person isn’t she and a complete creative hero of mine. Amancay looks so stunning, I can’t wait to meet her baby girl. Yes to a meet up, miss you xx

    • Honest Mum

      Aw thank you lovely, it is pretty normal most of the time though but I really appreciate the extra special times like those few days. You can achieve anything and everything you set your heart on xx

  6. Mess and Merlot

    Ah what a fab weekend, you looked beautiful! Loved the vlog. I met Dawn in her pop up store once and she’s so down to earth and friendly. Really admire everything she’s achieved through hard work and determination. #brillblogposts

    • Honest Mum

      Thank you gorgeous, I was so sad I couldn’t make the Pop Up when it was on-she is so wonderful isn’t she-beautiful, smart and so genuine too. I admire her greatly too x

  7. Eb Gargano /

    Oh my that looks like such a fab whirlwind of a time. Especially loving the gorgeous Royal Garden Hotel – WOW!! And how nice they all know your name. It’s so often the personal touches that make ALL the difference. And obviously loving your beautiful, beautiful hair. Some serious jealousy over here from a girl who has battled with flat straight locks all her life!! Xx

    • Honest Mum

      The Royal Garden Hotel is utterly stunning, love it there. Jason worked his magic, wish he could move in so my hair looked that good every day. Your hair is beautiful. My hair was naturally straight as a child (always wanted curly hair) then it went curly at 13 due to hormones. I then spent years trying to get it straighten again. I shift between the two now. We always want what we can’t have xx

  8. Caroline

    Wow Vicki, what a fab day! Dawn O’Porter seems like such nice and genuine person, I always enjoy her documentaries. Great vlog and super jealous of how fantastic you hair looks. #brilliantblogposts

  9. Alison (MadHouseMum)

    I love your vlogs! The ‘before’ hair looked exactly like my ‘always’ hair! I NEED JASON!! It looked like an amazing day. That coat looks absolutely gorgeous on you – totally your colour. Alison x #brilliantblogposts

  10. Twin Pickle

    Wow! The glamour! Looks like so much fun and I’m so glad you got to be spoilt a bit as well as working hard. I miss London! #brilliantblogposts

  11. Alan Herbert

    Sounds like you had fab time Vicki. The hotel looks amazing!!

    Heading off to watch the vlog now. Thanks for hosting #Brilliantblogposts

  12. amancay

    I only saw you in the evening so didn’t know you had a pretty full on day . How do you have so much energy? Was lovely spending some time with you and as always i truly enjoyed your company, your wisdom and your down to earth attitude xx

    • Honest Mum

      I feel the same about you Amancay, so lucky to have you in my life. I cannot wait to meet baby Amancay now! Thanks for making my trip so special xx


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