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When You’re Having a Bad Day

Honest Mum
I wrote this post yesterday but ironically my day was so bad, I went to bed early and didn’t get around to posting. I can laugh about it now as today is most definitely a new and much brighter day, but yesterday, yesterday sucked BIG TIME.

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I want to be real with you all because I’m Honest Mum right and have a duty to be honest.

I also don’t want you to feel so alone if you are dealing with a day from hell like I am.

Oh yes, today, today has been a bad day.

Not for the whole day ( I went for a run in the morning and did an FB Live chatting to lots of you bad ass, uplifting, fun friends and followers) but various things piled onto my ever-heavy shoulders from small niggles (I forgot to do the online delivery shop and didn’t have any food in my eldest would eat) to wider ongoing issues with an unwell relative, making my day spiral.

To add to that fun mix, thanks to daylight saving and my kids waking up at crazy o’clock I was moodier than Oscar the Grouch and felt like reaching for the wine at 4 pm. I think I did! Cheers!

….Some days, not regularly (thankfully) are like this. A bit meh.

We all have hard days don’t we, we just don’t talk or write about them often enough-and I understand why- we worry we might sound whiny or annoying, ungrateful perhaps, or worse, we’re scared that when we put pen to paper or talk openly about problems, we might end up making ourselves feel worse.

Photo by Colton Brown on Unsplash

Well that’s not the case people. It’s good for the soul and VITAL to hold your hands up and say, ‘Today wasn’t a good day, now give me a hug’, reaching out for support, advice and help. And importantly, if you’re feeling depressed or dealing with a lot, you mustn’t feel frightened to ask for help from friends and family and GP. I’ve been there myself with a traumatic birth and after hiding how I felt from my loved ones, won’t do that again if I find myself feeling that low.

So I’m putting this out there, I had a bad day-sometimes it’s a bad few days (hi there PMT)- because life isn’t all pretty breakfast flatlays on instagram and perfect sunsets in the South of France, however much it might look it.

I have an amazing family and life for sure and I’m grateful for that, always. I am touched by the opportunities my work on this blog offers me: the life changing moments, the memories I’ll treasure, the fact I am constantly pushing myself and growing. But some days. Some days are just not fun and I need to be honest about those too.

So if today is a bad day for you, I hope you know you’re not alone.

Virtual hugs all round.

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When You're Having a Bad Day

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