Inflatable Donut

Zig-A-Zig-Ah: Partying Like It’s 1999 With Lela London

Last weekend saw me head down to London for an afternoon of nostalgia and partying at The 90s Brunch (a pop up brunch) to celebrate my BBFF’s (that’s Best Blogging Friend Forever) Lela London‘s birthday!

Now as a child of the 90s, I was truly elated about re-living what was probably the most awesome of decades ev-er – with everything from music to film, fashion and A lister romances (hi there Kate Moss and Johnny Depp) making the 90s rock.

I miss watching The Prince of Bel Air on repeat, my only problems revolving around which club my friends and I would be partying at that weekend and which boy I fancied most-and in these rather turbulent times, revisiting the decade defined by Cool Britannia and Cool Power was food for the soul.


Channelling my inner-Sexy Spice (Geri was always the most kick-ass of the Spice Girls in my eyes), I headed to Clapham North to Fu Manchu Bar. Every fortnight a new party is thrown at a secret location so you only discover where it is a few days before. What a party. And when I say party, I mean PAAAAAAAARTAY!

It may be a daytime event kicking off at midday, but don’t let that fool you. With bottomless cocktails for the first hour, I was busting out the Macarena with Lela and her friends on the dance floor before long and partying like it’s 1999.

In between a 3 course 90’s inspired Chinese lunch, we partied to Britney, Ricky Martin, TLC and more. I never wanted to leave.

The 90s Brunch Clapham North

Friends 90s TV series

The birthday belle!

Lela London celebrates her birthday

I loved Lela’s Clueless inspired outfit! To quote Cher, ‘She’s a total Betty’!

London blogger Lela London celebrates at The 90s Brunch

Michael, Lela and Colin. Colin Rivera has his own band and is moving to LA soon. You know when you meet someone and think, ‘This guy’s gonna be famous-I predict that for CR).

The day was so fun, it reminded me of the parties I used to throw as a teenager – fancy dress galore, inflatable props and karaoke madness.

They host The 90s Brunch all over the world, so make sure you head to their website and find out when the next party in your neighbourhood is taking place. I want to hit Dubai next! Come on Lela, get your inflatable donut and let’s go!

Inflatable Donut

90s party in London

Hula Hoop at The 90s Brunch

Hey Macarena!

Dancefloor fun

The 90s Brunch in London

Post-brunch, I headed over to the 5* Royal Garden Hotel, whom I have recently started working with as their resident family-lifestyle blogger to meet my good friend and business partner Jessica Huie MBE for an early dinner.

Check out the sunset views from my cab.  London you beaut, you make my heart sing!

London taxi journey

London skyline

After a good ol’ girlie catch up (we were chatting so much we actually forget to take a pic together), it was down to business, and while tucking into the most delicious halibut, we got to discussing our next Turning Passion Into Pounds workshop.

Halibut at Royal Garden Hotel

Taking place on March 9th, this inspiring workshop (mine and Jessica’s third) is about giving you the motivation and insight to turn your hobby into a commercially successful business. Tickets are selling fast so make sure you get your’s soon on the British Library’s site!

British Library

Like Jessica, one of my personal passions is helping others to become digital entrepreneurs so I left the dinner feeling inspired and excited for what’s to come, as I made my way back to Kings Cross and back up north to see the fam!

There really is never a dull moment in London.


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Zig-A-Zig-Ah: Partying Like It's 1999 With Lela London

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